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I don't know about that but a big gesture appreciated to these he's still lock on espn radio and the espn welcome back to the locker room on ears pairetto and the s p anap with me jump schwartz eightyear nfl off live with my buddy ben heart socked 10year nfl tired and you know it's always in season surprising a friend or loved one with a bouquet from 1800flowerscom one hundred fires has amazing offers on bouquet starting at just twenty nine ninety nine 1800flowerscom slash espn jerry jones is in the news again seems to always be hindus obviously with this he kelly suspension he was a big part of the news that but now it seems like he's trying to overthrow roger goodell at roshka girls power there is an association right now with a conflict with the nfl's compensation committee is a 6 owner committee that has full authority from the other owners to negotiate roger goodell 's new contract a new contract lotions had been approved and they are close to getting a deal but now jerry jones has entered the picture as kind of an adhoc member of this house this committee he seems to have a different idea of the way that roger goodell should go about getting his compensation even even threatening to sue the cop committee committee because they were not up front with the way wade closures have gone especially falcons owner arthur blank in the cowboys wet too later today at end up playing.

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