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The road from three angles family thought it would happen the principle of what happened in the constitution hi I'm pissed off and all the way it is using predictive modeling is accurate thank you thank god and president Hillary Clintons in the White House if you think these modeling means to them dot American I've been waiting all day I'm going not some being driven crazy I can't take it anymore many times in life I hear from many radical leftist we deal in facts and science you deal with police and I personally and false predictions yeah we go back to March the twelfth and I have the video on my Twitter account the words of your friend Dr Amy acted instead on March the twelfth of this year there were at least a hundred thousand Ohioans infected with the crown of ours and then according to all the most conservative modeling by the first part of may there would be eight million infected Ohioans another eight million doing the math a little less than one percent would die that would be in the range of eighty thousand dental islands yeah hundreds of thousands of those would have been hospitalized that drove a policy that crash the economy to put out of work about thirty million Americans who told small business owners to go home that said if you want to go to church on Easter Sunday morning state agents in Kentucky will write down your license plate number and the federales would come looking for you that it was so frightening and scary you better get on your bad in fact I have a lot of data haven't cemetery I called up there to tell the director start digging the plot of about that died the world's about to end Todd Dills marginal around New York City breeding farms were all about to die so I played back on my Twitter account on March twelfth using the doctor Amy acted that every six days that would double eight million are infected how did you go to the website today the number was eight million affected numbers about twenty three thousand if you take all the school children in Ohio and Kentucky between the ages of six and eighteen there's about two point five million total school children between the ages of six and eighteen hello I would conduct how many of those killed children have died echo the nineteen so far yeah zero zero so therefore we must cancel all graduation ceremonies hasn't families can't figure out what to do when you're in a family setting and the argument is a course they become germ factories which kids have never been before this the first time ever kids are germ factories and so therefore families cannot decide for ourselves whether we can act responsibly in a family setting to celebrate the attainment of many high school graduates to to leave high school and ready to take on the responsibilities of an adult and so for some reason we continue to act is different a damp pandemic which is the most placid placid in easy parking ticket kind of pandemic in American history we can't give up the ghost therefore we must wear masks we have to be real careful what we do and we have to seek permission of government Jason Williams to go to church to open a business to travel or get in public education hello said if I got a couple masks and if required to do so how to enter store whatever I will do it I went through recently to see my dentist Dr Gerrard and she had a requirement to wear a mask to private enterprises you know Cameron amassed yeah if I have to go to Kroger and I have to wear a mask they're going to Kroger I wear a mask other than that I don't want to wear a mask because it is submitting what amounts to almost a health care fraud that is crash the American economy thank you and may be potus near depression level unemployment for maybe years to come with the best of intentions by those who were wrong and I'm not saying doctor Amy actin like the wind hello I do wish they did not lie they're not liars they relied upon predictive models and almost in every circumstance is proven to be false and so about four weeks into this deal sometime around the first part of April middle of April station is that okay the hospitals are not indicted we can now tell the hospitals let's go back to status quo into this thing spikes will give you forty eight to seventy two hour notice let's back off a little bit they didn't do any of that they kept their heads down and looks like someone whose sense of pride is going to route they can't go back and say I'm sorry to keep acting now heading toward the middle of may everyone's about to die in fact this is a placid placid pandemic imagine Jason you have a contagious fatal disease in which you have it you go through it came out the other side and more than eighty percent of the time you never knew you had in the first place I'll take that one okay like a symbol it's a Q. first set of beliefs and someone has much like of one flies the Confederate flag you're thinking okay that person subscribe to set of beliefs if I see a flag that says the ACLU I see applied to talks about other left wing political issues I'm a member of the ACLU someone might say well that I naturally assume they ascribe a certain set of political beliefs and so the massively comes at symbol in a sense a trump supporter or resistance when all of this is a sign that perhaps like many Asians have done because of sars and murders and a bunch of other things that they were the mask because they believe it gives them a perception perception of safety healthy experts say if you have it it keeps you from spreading in someone else it doesn't go the other direction and mostly experts say that about forty percent of the air you breathe in anyway comes on the side the middle in the top most people don't handle it properly and the actual the fabric itself may stop as much as two percent of the contaminated virus to mentor me you're not facing those anyway so it's as simple as something else that say I complied and therefore I rely upon facts all give you some facts more than ninety nine point nine percent of the American people will be unaffected by this matter what else happens more than ninety nine point nine percent are unaffected the average age of those affected are seventy five years old with at least two underlying conditions well I could catch it you could catch it my wife could catch it I fight like a warrior poet there's no guarantees in life so you don't base a general public policy does not impact one percent of the American people and tell those that are well and not sick or more likely to get sick you have to quarantine because about zero point one percent school may be hospitalized and and the city of New York which is the belly of the beast the odds of someone between the age of sixty five and seventy five years old being hospitalized it's one point seven percent and that's in the belly of the beast yeah and so it is not something that is not a uranium two thirty five it's not anthrax is not ready so there's like a hundred percent fidelity rate let left untreated if we have public policy based upon point zero one percent of the American people were in trouble never before in American history recording came to help me normally a quarantine those at risk and those that are sick and everyone else goes back to work to support the systems pay all the bills and now I find myself being somewhat brutalized by even Republicans tell me you got to get in line they get a line for what hello I'm getting in line for his for a functioning economy many years ago before you were born in nineteen sixty five Palmer be good day something verbally about it if if the devil or Lucifer took over America what he would demand the first thing he would say is empty out the churches have make it a crime to go to Easter Sunday morning services then would say you can't practice your religion he would say make government become the god make sure everyone is dependent upon government I want to be put sixty million people out of work if you assemble your own home in a crowd you might be cited sent to jail right now what's happening in America is that the thing we feared most occurring which is to tell a tarian ism is happening before my very eyes and Republicans and Democrats are doing it with the tactics and facts that have no basis in reality yeah they keep predicting what's going to happen and it didn't happen and when I asked the officials in Columbus or Washington how come this stuff didn't happen because they tell me of social distancing and modeling the statistics from the I. D. H. M. ET which is doctor Murray's group could no account substantial compliance through may not have happened there is no overwhelmed hospital rooms there are no large numbers of people except the New York City and the reason so many people died there is very little uniquely for the tri state how about this all graduations are canceled one not one student has been affected by it and a higher Kentucky Indiana and for those of us you understand you have grandkids germ factories we know what to do which is socially apart wanted kids be kids start the little league baseball play soccer go swimming to live your life don't rely upon Dr Amy acted to tell you what you have permission to do think about that in the wilderness I'm I'm in the back room raise my hand I wait a minute so you're pretty set about two months ago there were there would be tens of thousands of dental higher once upon that policy was based upon that protection the policy was based the prediction is wrong actor of eight thousand percent time to say you know what I relied upon Dr Murray's alright Jimmy models and it didn't work I knew that three weeks and four weeks and five weeks and that were about ten weeks since step along the way and they can't restrain our rights and liberties and they told the seventeen and eighteen year old boys and girls this weekend you can not graduate from high school because there's a chance you may impact your grandparents really the side that that dynamic and there's no and these three states that have been they've been hurt by that what what are we doing to the children what are we doing the kids got to play ball chase and they got to go on soccer ghosts women live their lives and instead of doing that you have public officials eighty percent approval ratings to me that's more frightening than anything else it really pisses me off is not a very close family member who's supposed to graduate tonight from high school and state government said my family that that kid cannot graduate from high school because you may be a germ factory infecting your grandpa all had to take away his opportunity to have those experiences on an angle shot it's not the role of government is the role of family most Republicans say let's rules less regulations more local power we have governors whose states now saying no local power one size fits all others eighty counties in Ohio that would generally rule that have donated might have wanted to do the whole county of some ninety one year old and what do you say to those kids in monster Indiana in Batavia you can enjoy your high school experiences because you might down the road and three adult family through thought it would happen the principle of what happened in the constitution hi I'm pissed off and all the way they did it using predictive modeling is accurate thank you thank god the DUP president Hillary Clintons in the White House if you think these modeling means a dance dot American hi Scott Sloan here at seven hundred WLW we know you may be going through a tough time that's what we want to help pay your bills every.

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