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And welcome to no time today. The official James Bond podcast on your host King James King and I promise. That will be the last time I do that gag no time today is the twenty fifth film in the nearly sixty year old franchise. This series will give you unrivalled access to what goes on behind the scenes in Double-o 007 latest blockbuster outing and reminiscing about a few bond movies from the past. We'll explore iconic locations, cult characters and the craft of making a bond film. Plus will also take a look at that legendary collection of cars found briefcase full of gadgets and that Oso stylish wardrobe. We'll speak to everyone you've ever wanted to hear from from no time to dis. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga and produces Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to those responsible for special effects, costumes and casting plus Rami, Malik Nomi Harris Jeffrey Rights, layer CDU, and the man himself Daniel Craig who tell us what it's like being w seven. One of the things I love about bond films is how they tap into the fears and anxieties of us the audience the best ones feel socially and politically relevant from Cold War power play to cyberterrorism to media, power and intrusion. In this episode will explore the themes and storylines in no time to die I, sat down with director cary. Joji Fukunaga to find out about bond's latest outing. Well, I think what's special about the bond films as they do exist in. Their time but not too specifically, they're in parallel universe they never really mentioned prime minister's names are world leaders or even very, very rarely countries. What was the biggest challenge you faced when making time today trying to figure out how to make this story compelling in the period that we had and to make it seem like it's continuous with the rest of the phones but also exist on its own for people who aren't as familiar with the previous films still be. Fresh and new. The. First James Bond Film was Dr Know Back in nineteen sixty two and featured bond on a quest to track down a scientist.

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