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Guys saw the dead pool to trail oh yeah we we were louis area is wonderful it's one of i've watched at him numerous times already off on a bob ross tangent yesterday guy the town on that good i getting back to rampage what looks pretty good it does very entertaining it looks pretty good that guerrilla is killing it in his trailer i will just say okay call are you guys excited for the pokey mon live action movie the rude you're rude about czar i was the excitement am i hear that trying because i am a you know that is not my fandom khotlon but i i know i know i try the bogeyman like peca too because i could do a peak i need i have a peeking through reversal agent so i'm okay we just hear it pretty much all the goes be copycat as it does so they released the the actor the the main lead his name is justice smith yes from down i'm not too familiar with him but a apparently he's going to be the the main guy made the ash ketchum iron that is the main guy in polk him on how're you to you're not excited about i think my childhood they said that positively danny via would be the voice of peak achieve you that's what they're saying there's literally dollar yes that i was the argh line i read yes all mike i didn't hear that sound and they obviously you're putting some effort because justice myth is also going to be on like the next dress throw movie has gotta fix that this is one of the new kids can out there yeah well you know it is a crime of solving peca to team up with abc partner had out fellow poking line stretching okay recue direct by rob letterman script from nicole perlman and allegd hersh referring to the galaxy and goosebumps fame from those folks of kids who are kind of making an impact there's a movie opening this weekend it's opening today called wonder with net jakup tremblay and so he plays the main character and julia roberts owen and i can do without wells wilson but julia roberts is in this one part of the parents young with okay yes wilson and he plays the same character in every movie wow.

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