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I'm going to say something and you can collect as a mob outside the KGO studios to run me out of town. I don't do that. But do where your mask If you're collecting is a mile they play the national anthem too much. You know where they play the National anthem, Ulla go to Russia. They play the national anthem all the time. Go to Korea, North Korea. Now don't get me wrong. I find national anthem performances, stirring emotional, a reminder of my country and what it means to me that stupid song anyway, and it's really not a critic of the Star says in Francis Scott Key was a racist, you know, so stop it. Let's just adopt a different song. What I'm saying is that the bad song we played too much. That song's gotta go, Ladies and gentlemen. I give you your new national anthem, Take this job and shove it. Okay. Thompson breaks over. Let's get back to making money with covert news and trump actions. Yeah, let's play the heads man. Mark Thompson weekdays 10 to noon on kgo 8 10. San Francisco district Attorney Bo Dean's reputation for leniency. Maybe encouraging us Syriza embrace and crimes. Are you shocked that a car has expensive camera equipment stolen in broad daylight out of their moving car? It doesn't shock Mona. It is not surprised me. I carry a chemical spray. Looks like a magic marker. Can you take the pressure off? You push the buttons. It sprays a chemical spray in the eyes of the prick who's breaking into your car? I'm sorry, I said drink, but Anyway, what I would suggest anybody look up Smith and Wesson Chemical spray. It's totally legal. You straight in the eyes of the trick that open again. I apologize the same trick but carry a chemical spray. Not tempest, Ray because you eat that crap carry this thing. They will think twice about breaking into my car. And there you have it. The campaign launch a.

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