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Better and for worse, but I feel like I have again to scale and with a firm understanding of the scope of which it's not like again. It's not like you're writing songs. Like ten million people are listening to, but to the people who do and will. I I feel like. The responsibility I feel to myself. which you know is these are slightly different things I guess I always want to try to get something a little better. And that could be from a technical perspective like I was not blessed out the gate with like the most I listened some of the earlier records and I'm like Oh my God some of the vocal performances. Dot stuff that I feel like I needed a lot of practice to get to place now I'm like Oh, I can sing all right, or you know I'm happy to do some of the early ones I'm like. Oh, I! Want to put that. Take that guy out back and like put him out of his misery. But that's that was the time and that's where we're was and but. There's little things from a technical perspective or from a from a music side arrangement side development perspective that every time like I want to get this a little bit I to hone in on this a little more than that could be like the Elliott Smith obsessive right like that's like the guy who was tinkering all the time like, but if my voice the cord this way instead of this way, and that that thing the content. I, don't I guess I just don't want. I and I'm not saying anything about anybody else when I say this singing about myself I. Don't WanNa be. I Never WanNa feel like I took the easy way out or was cheap with myself about about the thing I was trying to talk about. Whether the song is someone likes it or not, whether it's well executed whether I got there or not. I kind of feel like I just the thing you're talking about about pulling it back. It's like. To me, that's just the the the act of. I don't think anybody's ever like. Discovered themselves. You know I think you're discovering yourself forever and I don't think you I also don't think unearthed any like great ubiquitous truths about the human i. think it's more like. We're just trying to to me. It's like you're just trying to really figure it out a day time and interaction at a time a relationship at a time of movement at a time. And at least I am and so. I feel like that's. What governs the impulse in in the songwriting is to try to do that in a way that also not like really is not just like you're reading someone's journal. Like art to it, some amount of like craft to it, but but I also think in this might sound so fucking cheesy, but it's just real. It's true and real to me. You know there's this thing about like. You know the pull yourself up. Like patriotism are clear yourself up by the bootstraps, or whatever, and then it's and it's that tends to be attached to a certain. Conservative or or right on the political spectrum way of thinking, and I understand why but I always thought there was like a great. Missed opportunity on like the the left around some of that because like. If. The idea of America is a place where..

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