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In nursing homes cut over love, right. But some of the you know better safe than sorry. I'm not one that says. I don't have it because God forbid, overwhelmed the system. At least we knew they could have been sent there and other places, but they had it down. They had the national Guard there they had to state troopers. They had the bunks. They had social distancing. They had a lot of bathrooms. Anybody who's been to Jacob Javits Convention said they got two cafeterias. You actually walk in and you go. I cannot believe they built a place. That is so Dig. It is like I mean, just it's just massive. That's a perfect place a the square footage and you know it's just you two. So I'm saying myself as these people are are saying to me Do the heavy lifting on this. I said, Absolutely. And, you know, Curtis, the guy was escaping all this because obviously we're beating up two black steel rightfully so, and Dermot Shea, the police commissioner who lives there right there and does nothing. Is Cuomo When he came into office, there were 30,000 beds in psychiatric hospitals in the state to deal with the mentally impaired people. There are now 3000 because he cut their budget. He's partly responsible for this. That's a state run facility. It isn't in an area Hutchings yards is like empty now, other than construction going on through I mean, there are no why, Well, there who the hell is going to be living there? It's a lot more of a neighborhood now because of the fact that it had all of those buildings, you know, apartment buildings and residential If there's nobody going to be let in, but the fact is that it's It's kind of a hike. And if you put everybody Paul, these people at the Javits Center And you bring in because you could bring in federal authorities, right? But you don't really need you Give them all their services and tear a piece There you bring in drug we have alcohol rehab, you bringin thrive. Missing in action Mental health program of the mayor's wife was already so you bring in the homeless services them a little bit, and it's just such a good idea of mine. I got to tell you, I'm just carrying the message from the residents of the Upper West Side. This is a brilliant idea. Because you would have them all in one place and you could potentially a again It's the square footage is massive the height of it. So you are going to have great ventilation so you can keep these people away from each other. You know, you've got the socially distancing and then you could bring in people to help them. I mean, that's the thing you know, people, people sit there and go. Oh, well, look at these Upper West Siders. How dare that, you know they don't like anybody. They don't want these people in their neighborhood, but they're fine with them and other neighborhood. Well, the fact is that these people need help. Look at the Owner of these hotels, the one the Lucerne. Yeah, he's selling his mansion. He's infamous. He lives on Riverside Drive a few blocks away $1,000,000 mansion. I mean, $6 million. He selling it. He's leaving the neighborhood, but he obviously has decided to profit. From the demise of the homeless and emotionally disturbed and he's a friend of the boss. You aren't they all French Blasio. They have wined dined in pocket lined oblige. Oh, what about my idea? Of utilizing the unused space. It was all unused because there's not gonna be no show taken Senate Maybe. Maybe next summer, 1.8 million square foot 1.1 point on the West that we know it's already been configuration for what would have been needed hospital for coronavirus patients. So they already did respect. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is a workable idea and forces Cuomo to address it because he has been missing in action on this number is 1 808 for a W A. B. C. That's 1 808 for 89 to 2 to let's go to Michael's calling from Manhattan. Welcome to Curtis and Jet Set. Juliet Mike You okay with that? I was just thinking of something while you were you just said if it's not a permanent solution, but another thing that they I don't think anyone's realised where all the tourists they're not coming in. No more. That's all the much all our money. That's the city's money once the Bellagio is gone. And out the next mayor of coming to a wooden boy. Where's all the revenue from two years ago? Well, where that'll go on. It's all went well before the pandemic, So let's just look before the pandemic. The state was in hole to the tune of $12 billion. That's on Cuomo's time, and the city was in the hole to appoint in four billion. That was before the pandemic and they shouldn't have been in the hole. But oh boy has that that deficit increased exponentially. We're actually going to talk about this in the two o'clock hour because it is so fascinating just to sit here on the corner Curtis and watch Nothing go by life. Life is not going by its This city is a shell of itself, and they're expecting the house and Senate and Trump to bail them out. They're low on the chain of who's going to get the money Eventually. Obviously, both sides will agree on whether it's three trillion two trillion won in after whatever they come to. And state and city governments are going to be on the lower end of that. They will probably just be reimbursed for Corona virus expenses, and not for what they say is the debt and deficit that they are incurring on a daily basis. 1 808 for eight, ABC, New York's news and talk station download this 77 WNBC Mobile app now But when we talk about you working home in New Jersey, and possibly.

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