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Head goes down because you know, you kind of know which instructors you want and like everyone's a little different. And like you see the guys, this guy, every single guy goes in his passing this guy, every single guy goes in his failing and you're like, God. So so I get Andy on my. I want to say you were my second, my second one, and he made some not that were really incredibly hard to get like super will pull compass as you go down and your your twenty twenties on your back, and you have mask on your mouth in mouthpiece in, and you have to crawl along the bottom of like nine foot pool. We need your mask on for about ten. So, yeah, yeah, ten seconds. And then instructors come down and do basically to surf hits and really what it is. Make sure that you can stay calm under pressure, right in a in a very stressful scenario and then they and then you have to go through per blackout. No, you know, no, you're not blacked out on the actual. There's portions of the so the week leading up to is called poo week and you do individual like the first thing you do is with the regular mask. Nobody messing with you. You take all your stuff off. You put it on. And then if you pass that you do blackout mask and then two people go down with only one set of gear and you gear exchange back and forth, then blocked out mask and all of the skills you learn along the way. Lead into terminate in pool com pool competency is what it is short for and you start with all your stuff on and then it's just, you know, it's just it's like it's my description of it might be different than Josh is. I, I didn't have to be. I was never an instructor for this course. So yeah, I'm sure he's probably perspective is a lot better in different than mine, but so for me, you're, you're calling the wrong, the bottom and then instructor comes down hits. You tie takes your mouthpiece out, your removes your air source, could even turn it off and then you have to go through a procedure over and over again and they'll keep coming down like mid mid procedure in hitting you over and over and for for about. I'm gonna get twenty minutes, twenty minutes. That's what I figured it was time about twenty minutes. You don't have to do twenty minutes. He just have you can. You can be done in fifteen if you want, but you have up to twenty minutes as instructor. Yeah. And so and then what they'll do finally is. So you'll have to like tracer air tubes, put your mouthpiece in trace your your chest straps and way straps, then like make sure your air sources on and. And, and then they'll come down and hit you get and you have to keep basically repeating it without like, you know, basically without much air, but sometimes they would hit you on a next hail. Right? And so then you have to like, you know, and then it'll title tie the two air, your mouthpiece in knots, and so you're trying to get these nouns out without air, you know, under the water and staying calm all in the process of it and hoping that you don't get hit again, you know, and, and so and would make these knots with his too. But I, I don't even think I was down there for that. That long. I just remember like he had this one not to where I couldn't get it out, but I could get a little bit of air if I like cranked my neck all the way to the left and like like, I don't even know like kinda push the peace into my mouth Jewish, my favorite, and it was everybody was awful. And I was like, I could get an air. Then he hit me again. And I was like, I just, I couldn't. It was bad. So there's procedures some, not. So you can take the tanks off your back other if you cannot establish a viable air source, you can take your tank off, but that not that he's talking about. I. Tied it the same way every time and you had have your head Jack or to the left, and you could fit your mouthpiece in it would allow you to inhale, but you couldn't..

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