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We have a great show for you. Today obviously talking. Nfl but there's some nba. some college. Football some gymnastics lot of stuff going on and we will get into it all and then some for the next three hours. They'll keep it locked right here. We're krizner the couple of sports radio. The iheartradio app or sirius. Xm channel eighty three. However you may be listening rodney peete the former nfl quarterback wow of rogan and rodney dailies. Show here in. La on am five seventy sports. He'll join us at the bottom of the hour. So that'll be a lot of fun. Chris out going to jump in real quick rodney. Pete was a part of really kind of the debate shows in the early stages. The best damn sports show. He was a part of that. Right right i you know i had gotten that. Yeah but it wasn't a one on one debate but group debate and it was former athletes. Whatever remember he was appointed. A kind of a precursor is not wrong to say that was somewhat of a precursor. That's a good call by you. How you doing today man. I am doing great on this Worship wednesday is that what it is. Today is just chris lake. I'm going through a little something. You know justin. Yeah adjusting the way. Not you know this semester. I'm not teaching. Normally i work. you know. teach monday and then tuesday and wednesdays in the lab. So i didn't have a class of decided to take the lab off as well at usc. So feels a little weird. Because i've been you basically have all day until the radio show. Yeah like a little bit more. I've ever had so. I'm trying to treat busy but it's a little different dad spin column. No i got stuff to melby bro. Other stuff other stuff pack class. Hey you got time to get in the gym baby. I need to get into jim. God knows i have lost ready Let me guess. How long has it been. I started since the first september fifteen days to weeks it. I'm gonna say eight pounds ten pounds timber or not bad too. We lose it in the right places. That's the problem you know. i'm gonna lose it. It's gotta be the gut. That's where i gain but i'm feeling like mike. I'm doing the right things. You know like i was doing before eating right now. Eating lay no sweets so if you could lose ten pounds and fifteen day just think about that and you put a little exercise and you keep doing it. So by the time august rolls around and i'm going to end a bj. In las vegas all.

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