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This time around. I am passing the microphone to someone else. We have a very special edition featuring not one three short episodes of the plants of the gods podcasts brand new who stood by my friend and pass podcast guest. Dr mark plotkin. I've listened to all of his episodes and chose a few favorites to share with you. Also who is mark. Mark plotkin on twitter at doc. Mark plotkin p. t. k i n. is an ethnobotanist who serves as the president of the amazon conservation team which has partnered with roughly eighty tribes in south america map and improve management and protection of roughly one hundred million acres of incestual rainforests. We've done some work together. In the past he's best known to the general public as the author of the book. Tales of a shaman's apprentice recommended. One of the most popular books ever written about the amazon rainforest. His most recent book is the amazon subtitle. What everyone needs to know you can find my interview with mark at tim blog forward slash mark plotkin. I'm excited to share with you. These episodes from plants of the gods for million reasons these specific episodes cover the adventures and skills and belief systems of the legendary ethnobotanist. Richard evans shelties an episode. On wasco. and on coca and cocaine these episodes cover a lot fascinating grounds. Many facets of plants. botany history. It goes on and on if you enjoy them and what more. Be sure to check out the plants of the gods podcast. Wherever podcasts can be found you can learn about everything from hallucinogenic snuffs to diverse formulations of sharara plant mixture which relaxes the muscles of the body including the diaphragm That leads to s fixation. Used for hunting and all sorts of other things now in modern anesthesia. Anesthesiology the heck herbs of medieval europe. And what those were used for what they are reported to have been used for and how they're depicted in artwork and much much more wind. Did you know that wine red wine specifically has particular. i believe. Anti microbial antibacterial effects. It goes on and on so you can learn a lot through this. Podcast i ripped through it. Just benched through it and a handful of days. Please enjoy this episode of the tim. Ferriss show featuring plants of the gods. This episode is brought to you by tunnel. That's t. o. N. a. l. Tonal is the world's most intelligent home gym and personal trainer. That's the tagline from their website. Folks so gives you the one sentence summary. By eliminating traditional middleweights total can deliver two hundred pounds of resistance in a device smaller than a flat screen. Tv it mounts right on your wall with no floorspace required. I've had a few months now. 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