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Tally is the next size as well. Georgia's running different places and it. It's the motivation and comes from your environment. And and what you're looking at and it's it's an incredible the thing we we trying to pass this on. We like you know by the say or reruns migrant through London. We've been down here and it's just it's great because because it just totally distract you from day to day life and trust stresses like kids off at school or anything like that. It's forgotten when you put your trainers on you get Out there it's You know for that time. That's the only thing that matters to you really. And that's we've seen that with George. We're seeing how happy it makes him and we just wanted to push that to two for the kids and the parents to say well you know. He doesn't need to be an athlete. You know he started at a mile and it doesn't need to be mile you know you can build bill to whatever But we just wanted to to show that the benefits that we felt as a family from running and the the benefits. We've seen personally for George. The awards which obviously are are such a huge huge huge token point nine as well. I mean it starts as prey to Britain amazing. I was that when you you find us on that. That was the best awards of war is so incredible. Couldn't believe it and you you were eleven at the time when you went. Yeah and for eleven year old boy is like a dream. Use is incredible but it was Aaron as well because it was aren't for fundraising year wasn't it was so we got the call to say he'd worn but we allowed to tell him so they had to stage a whole event for him. We had come down to London to George. Simon I'm in cal- lookalike competition. So he had four. Simon Cowe look like George James Ashley Banjo with the judges and We knew what was happening but even even even when it happened often the fifth Simon Carl look-alike Simon Cal and he came in and say the boy's face I mean they just didn't get they thought he was just a really good impersonation and then and finally took his glasses off and said that one and It was a nice where the madness really started. I think has literally been like a complete crazy. rollercoaster ride ever since cents because one award seems to lead to to another oracle and keep going. Tell me the next door that have come a long list. Fula alone together about ten won't even Even live young personality. How INS A hometown northwest from days with the year. Yeah and award and the Roman gods inspiration and running as long as Mike. Bushel up to that and What else did it was Then the points alight award from the Prime Minister independence happiest on And then the Diana award in July so the likely and then the legacy will okay so we have. We have a whole ton of amazing awards But also we have ones are to do with the Diana's legacy on the Diana award not one in the summer didn't tell me how that happened. Georgia school nominated for that And the the Diana would think four hundred people you get given the Diana award around the world. But and every two years The judges mates and the judges headed by Ronson and Holly Branson and and And various other people and they pick the twenty people round the world that they think has made the greatest impact for social change and George was was it was one of those God in the world and so you're at the palace hoping with royalty who was there it was Prince William. Did you chat some about running. Come into a mile with No He's talked out there. Yeah we mentioned it. Probably burn twenty forty seventeen years. He was really nice. Talking about Anglesey Because we have a Caravan Anglesey show. We're talking about low. Yeah great presumably. You would never Have thought there'd be a day where you'd be at the palace collecting an award ultimately for doing some running that she has led to fundraise. I mean a lot of fundraising. It's incredible double what you've achieved. You must be really proud as well yes. I don't like to tell him too. Often books Yeah we we are and even like last night are incredible when you get people coming up to tell you that too. He's an inspiration to them and things like that. That's the thing that we really want to build on with us is is is that it's peration that if we can inspire other people to to get out and get active and whether it's ruining whether it's doing so we won't you know kids active really if George can help to inspire that then Then jumped on furrows Ruby. Oh my God I mean it must have been quite an emotional night though. Yeah I think the pollen count was pretty high in the awesome. It was It was something in my eye What an amazing thing and was presumably one of the youngest people to win this? Yeah Oh actually There's there's another person who is twelve shots. Can Youngest only twenty of this award. So it's it's really a incredible and what what does the what will the Diana like a C do for you from moving forward. It helps me carry on what I'm doing 'cause I know that I'm doing well and the other around definitely. Yeah we're GONNA help whatever you want to achieve. Yeah well it's amazing. What started as a sponsored job has essentially snowballed into something? That's you know kind of like a massive movement now and I mean your goal. Initially in writing saying was seventy five. Miles is going on Yeah well I'm really impressed with what you've done I know the We have this big campaign for the prince's trust awards if you if you're listening this thing though and you think that you'd like to maybe get your kids involved get your kid's school involved than and you can go to the website which is is it. ROOM ADJOINS DOT COM. And then that's basically where you can find eludes information and you still got a few months to do something and to get involved. It's never got an excuse to get of animals so you know coming into winter you need to stay warm and what was better than going for a run. Kyushu Nice Wall. How does running mate? You feel I it makes my knees failed. It's got carried away. The weekend was running around London so So my knees crying moment and but for me. It's it's a family thing. It's it's kind of ingrained in all of us and we managed to pass that down to the next next generation and James over here just a He gets out and runs. Now don't you. I love the whole family running late running with your mom. You Dad Andrzej brother George It's great so how will we get outs in get fennell fee it's It's a great hobby. Yeah is a lovely way to spend family time together as the best runner up. Yeah well I was going to say we do it relief today. Today is obvious that she would be. I think I'm listen. Thank you so so much for going again. Congratulations on your amazing award at. Where's IT GONNA go The the rest figure whereas cabinet or is in your bedroom we have on the table news. Evey good place for at George rate shared shared sued James. Thank you so much for coming in. Congratulations on this. Keep up the good running and If you please if you want to get involved just go to Rome with George Coleman and just kind of have dilute the information there or you can just read up and see what you can do to contribute to these insane number of miles that George has agreed to run and by by spring next year. And by doing. So you'RE GONNA be. You're going to be helping the prince's trust and also you could maybe this is just inspired you to fundraising and some running of your own. Maybe your little ones Wants to do something and maybe running a mile would be an enormous challenge. Will maybe that should be something. You have a goal to do in the coming months. There are loads of opportunities. I can see Georgia's turned running one mile into something quite amazing honestly such inspiration. Thank you do you ever have time for homework. You use running as an excuse of data doing all right happy running.

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George, George It, George James Ashley Banjo discussed on RunPod

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