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A former new york city high school teacher and his brother have been charged with attempting to build an explosive device the arrests followed an investigation by the fbi in south africa cyril ramaphosa the new president would deliver a state of the nation address later is expected to set out his plans for ending the corruption scandals that forced jacob zuma to resign germany's european union commissioner egg into sgr had said germany should pay at least four billion dollars extra each year into the eu budget to make up the shortfall when britain leaves mr injure the blocks budget commissioner with speaking to built a german newspaper the researchers studying asia's any speeches a grey tape has found the of running a tank orega tang population has crashed in borneo the number of a wrangle tongues on the un instruct poem as one hundred fifty thousand bbc news hello there i made butler and welcome to business daily from the bbc today a new president takes the reins in south africa ended jacob zuma south africa had some of its darkest days since it became a democracy in south africans have been sitting at the age of these seats waiting for this change and finally the changes can yes there is optimism business leaders tell us reform is urgently needed from the very top so we certainly look into roma porsche speedily to ensure that those against whom allegations have been levelled immediately arrested and prosecuted in india to wolfram cabinet yes our new president but is it a new dawn change in south africa business daily from the bbc.

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