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Us my brother. Eric and my brother and jason. I also feel like we were swept under the rug by our mother. The things that she wanted to do in life and the things that were important to her didn't come with taking care of children. She left us with our grandmother and we did them and we were without her. Heather admits that financial problems. Were part of why. Her mother gave her and eric up for adoption. Sit told us but heather says that cynthia's reliance on her overbearing. Mom just as big a factor. It was my grandmother's idea. My grandmother was a horrible woman. You know so nanak. She says she wasn't going to look at too. Little replicas bob long the rest of her life and my mother better do something about it and so she got rid of us as a reminder. Bob long was heather and eric's birth father the musician who according to cynthia left her for a female vocalist in his band. When jason was five years old and that now left cynthia with their mom as a major influence in life. I can completely and totally understand why my mother is way she is. My grandmother was a horrible drunk and she was a paranoid schizophrenic. Very difficult to lie with She was a mean woman. And so yeah. I do have sympathy for her. She came by it on us. They'd but she chose not to break the cycle and she chose to stay that way. Heather was three years. Old and eric was one when they adopted out two different families. But in a strange quirk heather and eric ended up in the same small town. They were aware of each other but they were largely kept apart to be three years old and walk down the street have a a town with maybe four hundred people in it and be told us not your brother tough. We were only allowed at each other's houses on birthdays. We had a lot of good birthdays. Heather became aware of jason. Because he would call her adoptive mother to check up on her. I heard her on the phone with my brother once. And that's when she brought out my baby book and she told me all about my option and my mother and my father and she asked me. If i would feel better if i met my brother and my grandmother and i of course of course i would love to see my mother or my brother and my my grandmother. The stipulation was my birth mother. Cindy not be there at the eleven heather. Got the chance to get reacquainted with jason. She was allowed to stay with and his grandmother. For two weeks austin p. Were supposed to be out of town. You know that's my brother. And we got to hang out and we that to make you know fudge together and learn about each other and laughing record doctor. Who and giggle all about. It was fantastic. Hamilton this reunion with jason felt long overdue. But it wasn't the only reunion heather would have. I was there maybe twelve hours before my mother walked through. The door was raised in a very past home and she gave me books on wicca and paganism and A shock grows and lay brother freaked out dewsbury protective of me as hendrickson more about her birth family. She began to see cynthia or cindy as she sometimes calls her in a very negative light. Remember how scindia said that. Jason would live with her until he got mad at her then went to his grandma's constantly playing them off each other in a manipulative way. Heather says the truth was.

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