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Halos the great swedish biologist he was the first person to two two group organisms anti group things into animals and plants but he threw the fungi into into the plug category so we're in good company when we think that perhaps they look a little bit like plums um and then this missiles have carried on from there what about hook inoussa microscope london a positive das arafat won't roma gauge sir kenneth combatrelated lives are we can talk about who could you later said we've got we've gotten ass and classifying and he gave comes in america david david johnson what the rule of funk he played in the history of life on us they have a hugely important role and one of them the main event so they were responsible full was and the greening of the earth so the movements of plants from the aquatic environment into the terrestrial environment which happened about four hundred fifty million years ago and that process was only possible because of the role of fungi so when plans a growing in the aquatic environment pay they have a that they have an nutrients out a fairly readily available to them in solution i am so taking nutrients is is rather easy on land that's not the case and the the the so primitive route saudis early plants had were really up to the job of acquiring nutrients and so one of the the critical processes was the dilution of the the michael rizal symbiosis so interaction between fungi that live on land with planned routes so they developed these very intimate associations that enable plants to colonize the terrestrial environment and take nutrients via these root born fungi to enable the plans to diversify and formal inner the the huge diversity of plants that we see today this happened but owned fifty million years ago it did yeah and we know now earlier while you're luckily we know that because there are some remarkable fossil evidence to share this and as some of that in the uk south of the famous rainy chart and near aberdeen at this dates back to the to the early devonian's about four hundred million years ago and it contained some incredible.

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