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Hallo watch us on Facebook. At inside the huddle w t k. Hey, welcome back to inside the huddle few. I don't know. Maybe like a half hour hour that we're talking about the recurring classes for Ohio State that urban Meyer has had. Which are just incredible will Nick Bumgarner did tweet out the urban Meyer comparison to Michigan comparison over the last seven years, according to the twenty four seven sports composite. So. Every year except for this current recruiting cycles two thousand nineteen Ohio State has been better now. It hasn't been dramatically better. A couple times in two thousand seventeen thousand seventeen recruiting class. Why have state finishing number two? Michigan finished number five. I mean, that's pretty close. And tells in sixteen Ohio State was four and Michigan was eight. But in two thousand fifteen that was Harbaugh's first year he came in late in the game. He was able only able to to nab a couple of players with, you know, the handicap of of I mean, he was hired on January first or December thirty first it didn't have enough time. His class was thirty seven urban was seventh. The year before that his class was while Brady hoax class class was twentieth. Urban was third. So the classes that the teams that made up the recruiting rankings that made up this two thousand eighteen Michigan football team were twenty thirty seven eight five and twenty two. Conversely, the the recruiting classes for Ohio State were three seven four two and two. Yeah. So go that's why I mean, that's you know, that's why I kinda like look at Michigan fans who act like it's like a Harvard is like not good enough. I'm like, well, I don't know about that. Because we also by the way, if you want to save yourself, the the page reloading and things go to the twenty four seven sports team talent composite. We do this every year we compile who's actually on team. So if transfers leave or people transfer five stars leave early or things like that. Still it just factors. Who's on? The team was number one. Michigan was number eight and in that regard. If you look at it like that who's really underachieving this year. No, I don't know that I may saying they're underachieving. But you know, there are thing is is that teams with less tail dooby teams with more talent. Yeah. But go look at the teen town composite and don't tell me that the college football playoff is. Much understand. I understand us. I understand there's still an opportunity. I mean, I get it. And it makes sense. And it's why you consistently. I don't know who who called up and said, but it's why Alabama and Clemson consistently show up in the college ball playoff urban Meyer has three titles are better at recruiting than everybody else and Oklahoma is really good at recruiting. And, but you know, like four to state, I think is fifth in your team composite estate and USC colossally underachieve. It's a culture problem. We'll see if tagger could fix it. Florida state. But that's that's been a joke for about a decade how well USC just naturally recruits. It's like you, and I could recruit top ten classes USC, we really could. And I mean, honestly, they might not they could probably not have a coach and Selva top ten recruiting class. And but they just haven't had a coach that can that can win since Pete Carroll. Really? Yeah. Yeah. No sneezed out a couple eleven when seasons because it's just that easy. Right. So the composite top teams are alabam Ohio states one Alabama, Georgia USC, Florida state, Clemson LSU, Michigan taxes Notre Dame. Notre Dame's in the in that mix this year. I mean, I think every team you listed except for Florida state and UNC and USC had a very good season. This year. But Oklahoma is number eleven and the team compiles rankings. Okay. They got they got a got a former five-star core. I mean, that's the other thing is like I don't need. I understand. That's why Lincoln Riley is being looked at us. NFL coaches. You say if you say, I understand one more time, I agree. No. Anyway, you got to recruit at that level. And then you gotta be you. Gotta have a great coaching staff and honestly for Michigan beat Ohio State regularly. I think will have state needs to fall from number one spot. I gotta be they gotta be more in that four or five ballpark. Well, I mean, they're class right now, as I mentioned, you know, Michigan at this moment is number seven in Ohio State is number eleven the classes are not done yet. But if Michigan picks up Zac Harrison, they're going to get boosted again. And so if they Zach Harrison, it might be difficult for Ohio State to have a better class this year. I think this the Ohio states classes already kind of do for a drop off partly because they can't sell instant playing time because they've got guys like Barron Browning former five star linebacker. They've got Chris young former star defensive end they've got fives. I mean, they've got basically every position. So. So other than receiver. And I think they've got maybe the best receiver in the twenty nine thousand class coming in Garrett Wilson, maybe I'd have to look it up but other than receiver they really in in maybe quarterback, they can't really sell playing time. And so this is an opportunity in Michigan to their credit has done a nice job. Getting a lot of guys that I think could be your one impact players. At the beginning of the class. They were kind of looking for like diamonds in the rough ground Florida job. Oh types who like two years from now might be beasts. But then they've started shifting and this is the plan shifting toward getting some of these Primo possible day one starters because this is a class that can be good because you're going to have that attrition. Well, certainly be interesting to see signing day. I guess is not next one. Is as the nineteenth. Yes. So we were as little head of ourselves Maher talking about it for next next Wednesday the nineteenth. There is a list at the Michigan insider, you can read all the players that are expected to sign and there are expected to enroll early including Dexter and hill is expected to sign. He's I don't think it's Saturday is expected to enroll early but he is expected to sign now. So which would make Michigan fans, very happy. If you can get the the elite guys to all sign Chardonnay Hinton hill. Yeah. That will make you feel significantly better. Yeah. I mean, the three three top fifty recruits. Yeah. Charbonnet has moved up in the composite the twenty four seven sports composite. I think over forty two twenty five in our specific rankings? It's the other our competitors. That were a little slower on him. Also going on right now. There's a commitment kids deciding between Michigan state or Duke Vernon Carey, Jerry. He's not a one and done type. Little surprise that. Michigan state's finding itself in this one. But. I wouldn't be surprised votes Duke. I don't know. I don't know what the Christobal says. But all right when we come back Heisman Trophy is coming up this weekend. Three people have been named finalists Dwayne Haskins Cuyler Murray and to a Tagliatela who is our pick to win the Heisman Trophy. And who do we think differently than who is our pick? Who do you think is going to win the Heisman Trophy? Hold on sports talk. Ten fifty w.

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