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He could probably be a first pick to all of a sudden. He's in the top. Three mix and eagles are trading up for him so not having the senior bowl not having a combine. that's That's a it's a. It's a missed opportunity. Unfortunately but again. That's not the reason not to draft him. It just makes a little bit more of a challenge when you try to figure out okay where to see Where does he stack. Especially in a class like this. Where there's a lot of other quarterbacks with lawrence. Zack wilson justin fields jones so plenty of options at quarterback in his class. You mentioned that i'm curious. Is lance your number three guy or do you have fields ahead of them. It seems like everybody has lawrence one wilson to. I guess not everybody. Simms has wilson one but most people have lawrence one wilson to is it lance or fields. Three for you. You know. I think right. Now i've got feels three lance for but those guys are next for me I do think lawrence Isn't clear top guy. And zack wilson. I you know back in the fall. I kinda put it out there that this guy's got a chance to be the number two quarterback and you know it really gonna come to fruition. I talked to people. Run the league. It they love that wilson. They're really intrigued with what he can do. That skill set and then three and four. That's where it's interesting. Because i think you have just field lance both have a lot to offer a physically talented. I think it really comes down to figuring them out mentally. Where are they in their development With justin feels what he was asked to do. In that ryan day offense compared trae lands when he was asked to do with north dakota state very very different and so three and four to me are very close. And then you've got a matt jones who eat all its nationals. Is difficult because you know you have if you list that what. You're looking for the quarterback position you know the traits you start with decision-making inaccuracy those are one and two and mac. Jones has that So it'll add. Think you have to look at everything else case. He good enough in these other areas. Where he's going to be a guy that could be a starter for us and so h teams looking at that differently. Some teams that have a more established roster going to be more interested in him while some other teams that Need more out of their quarterback. They won't be as high on the alabama quarterback so it really interesting dynamic between these quarterbacks and how the teams are going to view them. Kinda crazy i mean you probably know some of off the top of your head dame. Aren't there some power five schools that have had a guy drafted at all and like twenty years at the quarterback position. Meanwhile north dakota state is going to have a second top ten guy in like six years. It's gimme a couple of programs off the top of your head. I'm sure you know a couple that haven't had a guy. Drafted are drafted high in a long time. Well state was like the higher state. Had not had a from quarterback in a long long time but for dwayne haskins In the obviously ohio state is cream of the crop. When you talk about recruiting you talk about college level players And they had not produced a you know a high level quarterback You could go back to the seventies and you know they. It's interesting because North dakota state has really done a great job identifying these guys and developing them and that goes back to what they're asked to do. What the the of their quarterbacks in terms of during the week in preparation really really impressive. So there's a lot of programs you know even before last year with two of you look at alabama and quarterbacks to they produce not a lot of high level quarterbacks even during the nick sabin era too was the first first round earned a while. There's plenty of top level college programs. That have not produced a type of quarterbacks in north dakota state has here's we gotta do you gotta check out dane on twitter at dp. Check out all the stuff. He's doing for the athletic. You can hear him earlier this week. Talking about the guy that was a punter basketball player only as a junior in high school that might get drafted it tight end in the nfl draft on the college draft. Podcast part of the ross. Tucker podcast network dane. You are the man. I meant what i said. Thank you so much. Thanks for us. Dairy is dane burglar. loved aimed. burglar love the players championship as well. By the way rory mcilroy and the pga tour very best take on the purest of golf courses pc sawgrass who will have this year's defining moment coverage continues today on golf channel and tomorrow one eastern on nbc. Did you see by the way that video you guys see. The video was ian. Poulter was with three guys. At the nineteenth hole they were a combined plus twenty nine yesterday then the pga tour put a tweet out like polls like this is what they're all having a daddy soda and he said something like this is what you do when you're a combined plus twenty nine on the first day of tournament they're all just sitting there drinking. Beer why do we like it so much especially golf when they do poorly go ahead. Paul there was a golfer who put four drives into the drink on a par three yesterday. And you both cringe. Oh that's that's how i would do. That's how i would be on that hole so it makes them weirdly relatable for a couple of minutes. how many. How many shots would it take for you to hit the hit. The green was it the seventeen toll where it's like that little island of land surrounded by water it. I guess it would be just luck if one of us you'd probably be in your own head looking all that water and we just swallow you. What do they do. What do they do with the balls like there has to be thousands or millions. They had like a big net underneath there. There's got to be mike. Grandpa my pop up. He would jump in. Go seeing yes you know what it is to about that whole. I think it's not so much hitting it. It's getting it to stay on right. I think we could probably hit it. But it's just going to bounce over you know that it's getting it to stop and just stay. You need to do like the arc thing where hits and then spins back a little bit little english on the seventeenth hole. Hello friends all right. Play in a day. I already know what i know. 'cause you guys told me but i already knew before you guys told me what the player today would be. Forty one minutes past the hour. This is the dan patrick show. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio app at fsr or stream. 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