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Then. I can't believe it's you thought wheel must have was a better hand coasting lane kiffin spiel came to believe that anyway I just wanna talk about the defense and You know the defense Under the last two regimes They didn't recruit any lineman in. I'm talking about other defensive spots so you know nine kissing coming in this. Being his second year i absolutely think the defense is going to be leaps and bounds. Ahead of what Last year because once again Front you know. Well jimmy this. I been a fan of lane. Kiffin is i think I remember talking to him before. He hired durkan's and He said he said what do you think. I think he's really good coach. I forget what has had. Don't mean to forget what what has happened. But you're not hiring him to be a head coach and i. I saw some improvement late in the year. I would agree with you. I thought the bowl game. They looked a lot better. They look pretty good against state. They also gave away a couple of games that they shouldn't have. But yeah but that happens You don't have to commit to be a lane lane thin. I've like landon. Great deal. But i was just making a point that i don't think ole miss can be a contender until that defense gets a lot more players Okay but listen. I don't agree. That's what i'm saying because we got them. Listen we by the way my am. I still being smoker. Did you back off on that. Atom bag hang. I know which I thought it was on the. I thought it was going you know have something to say back but you've been very well being gracious.

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