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Zing Zang comes why they're into the stretch, and it's huff Bergen front, huff Bergen. Rod Ortiz come down to the eighth pole pulling away from Nicodemo Zing Zang, and it is huff Berg and complete control here. Nicodemus is five links behind. As huff Berg cruises in the kirwin and it's onto the Travers, huff Berg, wins it by four and a half links over Nikki. Now it was a wet track, but the way that he moved said, I didn't really learn anything from him. I just learned he did what he was supposed to do the question, then we're going to be what would happen in the Jim dandy what would happen in the Haskell now in hindsight, looking back a week later, the one hundred buyer the Hoff Berg has earned and the way that he runs and the idea of him at ten furlongs the question comes down to those two. Who do you think goes off favored in a race, like the Travers, because the favourite won't come out of the Jim dandy. That's fact. And we'll talk about the three year old race coming up this weekend that I just I have a hard time. Imagining the favourite would be emerging from this race. It will speak of. So really, I think boils down to do you think Hof broody think good magic end up being the favourite composed time. Unless you think the sort of surprise entrant in the Travers pie is the one that could actually take more money for whatever storyline you wanted to be. And that's one good note wonder dote was visually impressive winning a forty and the prince of Wales. She was very impressive winning the queen's plate. Those two races coincided with the first two times that she has had blinkers on and she's turned into a different animal. And we've seen so many times in the past that all it takes a little bit of an equipment change for horses to take step forward and jump up and really run to their full potential. Ten furlongs is her game. Marquetia said that the ownership group is said that the question now becomes, do you think she is fast enough to run with the boys based on what we have seen so far? What looked like a very strong group of three year olds leading in throughout the derby. Now, I think you can poke holes and many of them with the exception of the two I spoke of Hawford and good magic, good magic. Can he run fast enough at ten furlongs good news for him tactically is probably gonna. Have an advantage over the others. Wonder Godot. Can she transform and transfer? I should say that form that she has had up in Canada over to attract like Saratoga to competition, literally boys, and I know she's been beating the boys in her past two races, but we're talking about a different level of competition now in, can she do it really when she's arguably going to be one of the choices in there and then you have Hoff Berg. Can he do it on a fast main strip run the way that he did in the kirwin? Can you do it against better horses and how far back is going to be? Because tactically he could be way up against it. He may be the fastest of them all right now, but he's going to be coming from a little bit farther out of it, and that's got to be a little bit of a concern. If you're a fan of this horse at what's likely to be short price in the two one, five to two range. If I'm just projecting going forward. I thought it was a good time to touch on that because there was a big three year old race..

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