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Couple of these rookies that he had not been on the same page within training camp. He was just perfect Aaron Rodgers last night, and that's what's so frustrating. You need perfect Aaron Rodgers to steal a win at home against CJ Beathard and credit to Kyle Shanahan because you're right man. It does feel like give them a quarterback, give them a couple of weeks and he will scheme in up and so I gave him a ton of credit, but you're at this if this was in San Francisco, I feel differently Monday night game on the road for Green Bay. Okay. Fun to have this game. Come down to the wire at home before your by when you've already been shaky, but you have an opportunity because the bears lost because of how your divisions looking this. Huge game and Aaron Senate after the game because of who you have coming up. Next, Aaron brought it up. Visit me looking at the schedule. He said, we got the by. Then we got a really tough slate, two games coming. We'll see who we really are, who they are right now is Aaron Rodgers in some guys and Demonte Adams is a good player. I think Kenny Clark's good player, but they're not getting helped him in my mind from their coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball from their head. Coach and Rogers has to make magic against a team. You shouldn't have to make magic against which everyone here knows and agrees. He's fully capable of doing the tough slate, two games, you say, coming Rams and patriots back to back in the road blind the road, which is going to be tough houses. Stain -able is it to say, no matter what happens. This guy's going gonna bail us out because next, right? He had to play his absolute best to beat CJ Beathard and the forty Niners at home. Oh no. You forget about just Aaron Rodgers planet as best. But this defense not only running but passing, and now you're talking about going against those. What do you think those teams are going to do? And they have quarterbacks far more capable and weapons more capable of them what the Packers faced last night. So I would be concerned minute if the Packers had lost this game. I mean my goodness. I don't know what the story lines would be, but might McCarthy them. They can wake up this morning and realize, yes, we do have Aaron reiver's, but the next couple of weeks, man, this defensive, it's not better. They're going to get through this game to me was a perfect microcosm for what the last half decade of football in Green Bay has been Aaron Rodgers covering up for all of the words of the team. Aaron Rodgers covering up for what I think is an uninspired game plan on both sides of the ball. Aaron Rodgers covering up for what has been a franchise that I feel is squandering the prime of one of the greatest players ever. I hate to be negative after team gets a great win like that. And I know the people, Wisconsin they were watching the NL CS. They see the brewers take it. To one lead. They flip over this Rogers. Execute this two minute drill to great, great. But you look at this from thirty thousand feet. You let CJ Beathard and Raheem Mostert Moster run wild on you. Like that's what you let happen. These guys that were were third stringers on anyone's depth chart to start the season. Those guys put up thirty points in your building. Those guys had it to where we're Aaron Rodgers needed a vintage performance, and I don't wanna take anything away from the vantage performs because he executed two two minute drills in three minutes. It was perfect, but it's really concerning for a team that I I think a lot of people thought going into the year Rogers healthy..

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