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Clo. CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'm Gary Nunn. The woman accusing supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh of sexual misconduct has been given more time to negotiate her testimony to the Senate Judiciary committee CBS news. Correspondent Steve Dorsey in Washington on Twitter. Senate Judiciary committee chairman Chuck Grassley said Dr Christine Blasi Ford, quote, should decide. So we can move on. I want to hear from her. He went on to write quote. It's not my normal approach to be indecisive. It follows days of negotiations on the conditions and timing of her testimony. The New York Times is reporting at Ford has until two thirty this afternoon eastern time to say, whether she will testify deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein denies a report that he suggested using the twenty fifth amendment to oust President Trump. The New York Times reports also suggesting secretly recording the president to expose chaos and the administration CBS legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum says the report. Amplifies some of the president's positions. Even though rod Rosenstein is completely denying this report in the New York Times it still serves the president's interests in reinforcing his themes of witch hunts and keep state intrigues all directed against him less than seven weeks ahead of the midterm elections. Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is in a tight race to keep his job facing democratic congressman Vito aerobic the issue of arming schoolteachers came up as a Dallas debate happen crews recall speaking with students after a shooting in Santa Fe earlier this year in which ten people were killed. They said, you know, what if you take our guns? You're not gonna make us any safer. You're just gonna mean that the killers and murderers have guns we asked. Well, what do you do that? The number one answer I heard from the students, and parents and teachers at Santa Fe is more armed police officers in schools wrote responded by saying that guns in schools will not make us safer place. In suburban Las Vegas are investigating a murder suicide four people are dead. Authorities say Twenty-seven-year-old. Man shot and killed his ex girlfriend her five year old son. And the woman's teenage boy before committing suicide the bodies were found inside the woman's burning home ks TV reporter Britney Edney says that neighbors heard the incident unfold. Nearly an entire family dead after a murder suicide in this close knit Henderson community next door. Neighbors say the kids would always be outside playing. But they also saw the former couple arguing I.

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