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Yes we n and so i know so you can listen to it on your drives right i don't know where it is i need to buy i'm gonna buy audio linmanuel miranda's reading of my favorite men who like worked but i was talking about you're not as because you're not his writing and complicating the lack of blackness in in representations literature yeah writes about his dark skin and he writes about how people within dominican republic and new york respond to an engage with his blackness and he and he does all of the things that need to be done yeah and artists are trying to do that and yeah and it's good to see and it's good to see when two of your favorite artists just worked together and record the book that you also love man that's going to be the recommendation of the week yeah yes speaking of when you take a little break and then we come back we'll come back with recommendation did he i five stumbled eater you mr yondo and i'm starving oh my gosh will you are in luck my friend why because guess what made me what i have blue apron dot com delivered rain or motherfucking shine young you know what i cooked yesterday let me just tell you a little teaser came beef medallions and mushroom sauce that sound get into it ledge it okay so we have two choices i still have general sows chicken so's i'm not gonna.

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