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Okay and so i literally i pack more for him i do myself you know what i mean like i have to pack because my son at home he's about to be four mate so i got a pack like extra underwear extra outfits because there is accidents we're still going through the whole potty training stage or he's already there i mean we're working on aim but we're going to be going right i mean there's a cheerio that he aims where every day is getting better and better at it so but yeah it is a truly a trip not a vacation because you take these trips or vacation and guess what when you come back i need a vacation from the vacation slash trip so yeah i feel real understand i totally understand it okay just making sure i wanna think rich being a diva so it's good that you confirm so rich is actually on vacation and yet his almatar michigan will be in the final four this weekend tonio taking all you'll chicago steve levin turner in cwa analyst he'll join us at twelve thirty pm eastern time to talk about the tournament and so i wanna get his take a couple of questions for him just where this how do we rate this ncaa tournament what is it what are we going to remember most i kind of have an idea but i definitely give that over to coach lavon but the honda hr v poll question brought to you by the honda dream garage spring event the best place to leave winter in your review mirror you could get a great deal on the versatile two thousand eighteen h r v the honda dream garage spring event happening now at your local honda dealer what do we have for the honda.

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