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Outdoors. Okay. Fine. But I wanted to ask you. What was the? The success of the outdoor dining that we had in Greeley and what's the future of that Well I think it was successful and that's that's partially antidoto that I hear from businesses but I I was down there downtown quite a bit as well, and it did in fact expense eating out to give me about the ability to serve more and service those individuals Wilco out but they won't go inside obviously that's not going to be applicable now for several months because it's quite cold but I think that's beneficial and God forbid of viruses still with us when it gets warm again. I think that's a very real possibility I. Agree with the Commissioner Johnson. Cova fatigue is currently studying. People are have been cooped up people are angry. There isn't any question that that. We're we're seeing quite a bit of that in in fact, it's probably why lots of numbers going up because a lot of people were racing our arm saying, I want to get back to air quotes normal. whenever normal there there there are a couple of interesting statistics is I've tried just like you to keep up with this and that is the number one age group. Now, for positive tests, it's actually twenty, two, twenty, nine. So that'd be that would be indicative that it's college campuses and I would tell you that I speak to President Feinstein, often UNC and they're not really having issues to speak of here See you is, but I'll tell you that I'd rather see that age group twenty to twenty nine, then seventy, two, seventy, nine because the folks in the in the twenty group. Are are likely to either not have symptoms or are to heal real quickly as we know early on in this virus. a lot of the deaths were the elderly and those in nursing homes at certain just had no ability to fight it off. So they say different strains, I, I saw. A doctor on TV last night not the world's most famous doctor. But doctor who said that that there are different strains than the the strain that some parts of the country are seeing now artists series. So those are all positives you know I I look at things in Greeley obviously mean as much as I'd like to go away I can't control that but I I look at mortality and and hospital stays from the last thing we wanna do there's over odor hospitals and I can tell you that as of last night I'm getting numbers about daily now hospital numbers up, but we are not overloading those. Those are the types of things. That when our hospitals get full of patients and and out of ventilators, which I hope doesn't happen. Then jurisdictions going to have to make some decisions but but we're not there we're nowhere close to that right now. Yeah. Yeah. Lamoure County Commissioner Steve Johnson went on to say if the state raises its put restrictions, the county might not comply going on to say, we're not going to lockdown our businesses again, just based on a few numbers and a metric see he shares are confused frustration with the Cova dial unless.

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