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And run driver this morning who struck and killed a woman at a gas station on pleasant hill road and Duluth corP. Wilbert runs. Dole Rundle's says an argument between the victim and the suspect got physical. She's backing up strikes one of the people with her vehicle, and then she takes off. There is a picture of the female suspect on our website. Take a look wsbradiOcom police say a man wanted in connection with a hit and run in Gwinnett near Hamilton. Mill road is dead. They say he ran off a ramp from I twenty onto interstate eighty five south this morning. He has not yet been identified. Jimmy dean is recalling twenty nine thousand pounds of sausage over reported contamination, consumers, complain, the sausage may have pieces of metal in it that product was packaged and produced back in August. And the concern is the consumers may still have the frozen sausage in their freezers. And it may soon be a little easier for you to get to your ride. Once you get off the airplane at hartsfield-jackson travelers have been complaining for months about the long walk from the rideshare drop off. To the terminal at the Atlanta airport later this month. GM John Selden says that zone will be moved seven hundred fifty feet closer to the north terminal, but remains a longer walk in the south terminal as crews continue construction of new curbside canopy for the next year. Or so the Atlanta Journal constitution reports estimated eight thousand travellers use rideshare at the airport each day, and that number continues to grow Botham WSB and President Trump says the military will be built his promised border wall. If quote Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our country. The president tweeting this morning that Democrats don't want the border security for strictly political reasons. Some government funding expires on December twenty first and the risk of shutdown looms if the president and Democrats cannot reach an agreement when they meet today at the White House as we take a look at the WSB market watch. The Dow is currently up two hundred forty five points at twenty four thousand six hundred sixty eight that's up one percent. Nasdaq is up more than one percent. As is the SNP. WSB news time is ten thirty three..

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