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Radio out just waiting on the house I'm Jennifer Jones Lee live from the KFI twenty from our newsroom the Senate's agreed to spend two point two trillion dollars to help the economy through the corona virus pandemic the house is expected to pass the bill tomorrow includes cash payments for most Americans and hundreds of billions of dollars to help small businesses make pay roll for months senator Bernie Sanders voted yes many of the gig workers people with drugs because many of the waitresses and waiters who make solvation minimum wages many so called independent contractors they will be eligible for the extended unemployment benefit that is exactly the right thing Sanders says he expects this relief bill won't be the last of the pandemic Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has dismissed senators to return to their states tentatively up until April twentieth that's contrary to pray for one another for all of our families and for our country the bill also includes loans for big businesses like airlines and extra money for hospitals and that scene research it also boosts the food stamps program it would also increase weekly unemployment payments by six hundred dollars for comparison during the Great Recession unemployment checks increased by twenty five dollars a week United States labor department has recorded the highest ever number of weekly unemployment applications Erica Turkey says nearly three point three million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week it's as if everyone in the entire city of Chicago suddenly lost their job and these three point three million are people who are successful but filing claims systems in a number of states have crashed and there may be many more Americans who have wanted to file but couldn't the previous weekly record for U. S. unemployment claims was that nineteen eighty two last week's total is more than four times larger than that just before the pandemic the U. S. unemployment rate was at a fifty year low of three point five percent within two hundred corona virus related deaths have been reported in the U. S. in the past day it's the country's deadliest so far since the first U. S. death was reported a month ago the U. S. has more than sixty nine thousand confirms coronavirus cases of which more than a thousand have been fatal worldwide the coded nineteen has infected more than four hundred eighty seven thousand people and killed more than twenty two thousand the number of coronavirus cases in California has increased by more than a thousand since Monday to more than twenty five hundred the total number of reported deaths in California has nearly doubled so far this week from twenty seven to thirty six I'm sorry from twenty seven to fifty three about half the states reported deaths are in so cal including thirteen in LA county eight in riverside county to each inseminate Dino county and San Diego counties and each one for Ventura county and see now where the thirteen people have died in LA county the coronavirus total number of cases is up to seven hundred ninety nine the three latest deaths were people over sixty five years old and had underlying medical conditions one percent of people LA county who have been diagnosed as positive with covert nineteen I have in fact passed away can only help director Dr Barbara Ferrer says there are at least forty four people being treated for covert nineteen in hospitals she backed off including the death of a seventeen year old boy from Lancaster because the CDC's now researching to see if the boy may have died from something else even though the team had tested positive for covered nineteen Steve Gregory KFI news health officials in Orange County say it's too soon to say how many people who've already had the corona virus might be immune people who are sick as far back as December may have had the corona virus and may now be immune when you get exposed to a virus your immune system makes certain molecules to fight that off OC health officer Dr Nicole quick says a lot of coronavirus antibody tests have been submitted for FDA approval there is a desire and a push to be able to look back and see what percent of our population may have some immunity to this but many who have had the virus may not know they had it for sure and it's also not yet known for sure if people who've been infected are immune from catching the virus again in Santa Ana Corbin Carson KFI news and Long Beach has more than forty confirmed cases of the corona virus including eight firefighters the Long Beach fire chief hobby year Espino says people don't have to be afraid to call nine one one if they need help I want to reassure you that the Long Beach fire department is continuing to take extensive precautions to safeguard fellow first responders as well as the public with whom we interact defier chief says the eight firefighters apparently contracted the virus while on duty he says health officials are investigating and working to make sure risk is minimized for other first responders for the latest on the corona virus you can check out our website KFI am six forty dot com keyword virus we've got a car fire on the four oh five could be in seal beach on the four oh five south.

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