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Eric Adams says he made online threats to attack a New York City synagogue. This was not in idle threat. This was a real threat. According to the criminal complaint, the 21 year old operates a white supremacist Twitter group and tweeted, should I become a husband or shoot up a synagogue and die? Police recovered a gun and extended 30 round magazine a hunting knife ski mask and Nazi armband in New York City in 2022. 22 year old Matthew Mara was arrested with brown, the FBI says there's no information. This is a continued threat. Julie Walker, New York. All right, so speaking of hate crimes, this is obviously terrible. We've heard about what happened in the nightclub. Now we're hearing that there was another attack being planned in New York. I'm glad they got the bad guy. And some people think that hatred comes from different places. Robert and Charleston thinks that hatred comes from people that are sexually insecure. Robert, welcome. Yes, sure. That's right. I do believe that. And so just to clarify, you feel that these guys were Nazis and they were going to kill these Jews in the synagogue because their sexually insecure. No, I was talking about the case in Colorado. Why is it why is it hating gays or hating Jews? Why does the hate come from a different place? Well, I think it may come from insecurity there too, but it could be of a totally different kind. I think the Nazis were afraid that the Jews were too smart and would have eventually overcome them in terms of business and general success. Okay, so you feel that these insecurities lead them to ultimately, in my opinion, it's really not having value for someone else's life. Because I think you could be insecure, you know, I could be an excellent, I don't know, professional football player, or Dwayne The Rock Johnson, you know, guy that's like 6 foot 5 and 300 pounds of muscle and be like, wow, that guy, you know, he's probably going to pick up more chicks than me. But I don't want to kill him. I think that my insecurity wouldn't lead me to end his life. I think you have to really embrace a disregard for human life in order to get to that place. Does that make sense? Absolutely. Yeah. Sure. So I think, yeah, these things might play a role in it. But I don't know that that's just enough to get us there. But either way, I think I agree with you. This is a bad look. Whether you're insecure if you think somebody's smarter or more successful or having additional opportunity or because you don't like how they live their life sexually. This is no reason to go and kill people. This is in the nomination in my opinion to start killing people for any reason other than self defense. Or some war that you've been called to that's at least morally justified in one's mind. So good point, I appreciate you making that point. We will continue to Montana. Let's check in with Frank in evergreen Montana. What's up? You're on with rich Dallas, Frank. It's a

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