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Not cutting him so. I'm trying to say by the way. The all-star starters were revealed last night in the national league buster coz buster cozy forgot. His name didn't play last year. And centers tangible buster posey. well Start this is his seventh. All-star game behind the plate freddie freeman the mvp tiddle that fifth selection. He'll start at first base of course with atlanta. How about adam frazier. First time all star with the pirates starting one of the worst teams. That's pretty cool. Nolan aeronautica on the hot corner with the cards. Now of course starting his six all star game federal number two ts who knew our first selection. Starting at short then you get ronald kunia. The braves outfielder starting in center field. This is his second selection and believe it or not. He's the grizzled vet of the senior circuits outfield because nicholas cost the on us and jesse winker both from cincinnati. This is both their first. All star game wasn't costing us a flat arthur. He thought something weird. But wow the reds yeah. That's not too shabby in the american league. Salvi peres behind the plate. It's his seventh game. Royals vlad junior is his first all star game. He will be at first. How about the first time all star. Marcus semi-in starting for the blue jays at second base and i'm happy for him because Same areas high school from berkeley from el cerrito california calbears well third base raphael divers. This is his first all star game and he'll have a very familiar face shoulder to shoulder because bogart's is the shortstop his third selection from boston. Mike trout Made the his ninth selection. He's in the outfield. But of course he's hurt so he's quote unquote a starter but he's not going to start Aaron judge his third selection will start and how about tayo scar hernandez a surprise really but deserving from the blue jays. This is his first and the american league also selected. Dha and we already knew that was going to be a shohei otani who is a senior day. I would like to see shohei. Ohtani pitch and hit. He's going to be in the home. Run derby obviously but like to see him pitch and hit. That would be. That'd be pretty cool. I think but the all star game is it's always fun even when they tie it's tie Even when dick hauser's giving jesse barfield his fifth at bat in the ninth inning. Things that have bugged me over the years Jay how getting a loss Keith full getting the save danny haran. Starting i can remember a lot of as All star moments There's no doubt some talking about the ray fosse thing ray. Fosse was with the cleveland indians. When pete rose bowled him over for no good reason. All right i'm rick tuttle. We'll.

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