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But Yeah it was. It was teagan knox. Who actually had made her return. I'm kind of jumping ahead a little bit by. Yeah annex t women's tag team championship match zoe stark. You'll sharon taken on the ways. Andy hartwell kansas laurey. New tag team champions that were crowned in zoe stark yoshahara. I thought for sure this was going to be a retain. I- legit thought. This was going to be a retain because when you really take a step back you're going well not for nothing but not for nothing but the way they really haven't been defending knows tag titles like that. Their title rang is still just to start in the hague up Yeah sure we know what what what the hell let's go ahead and lis- the cd's girls retain. This was a very surprising. Turn right here because look for nothing. But when kansas lorraine in any heart will one knows annexed women's tag titles they won them on may fourth so just think about that for a second they barely had those titles for no no they. They made it two months. They had those titles for two months when they went abou sixty one. Sixty two maybe sixty three days or something like that as the champions and then wham you know we. We haven't lose them. Very is very very odd for me. But at the same time seeing the team of yoshua zoe stark. As the new x t women's tag champs count signifies to me that powers-that-be in the back there pretty high on e. Oh and suey. And hey you know honestly. I'm curious to see where this goes. I am because originally. I was under the impression that either ill or zoe. We're gonna turn on charter house really under the impression one of those girls was just gonna and that was going to be your program. We were to be built all around that so to see go in this direction quite surprising and you know what not for nothing but the way that they had teagan knocks return. I like the fact that when she return you had the battery. Graphic ninety percent goes to a hundred lights. Go out there all for it. And then when that battery was at one hundred. I like how he pretty much sent like this green charge light all throughout the arena sets up teagan inox. And you got little ray. Who's looking all shocked and everything so excited. There was a little bit of a distraction right there as a result of what was going on. Andy owens. zoe were pretty much able to take advantage of it. But post-match teagan knocks slowly coming down. The aisle then starts beating the holy crap out of kansas. Good shit good shipment. We hadn't seen teagan in a good minute mean teagan men now for like a fucking year fucking leg injury and all that so cds girls pretty much pick up right where they left off could should be good shit so That was very surprising. Because i was honestly expecting for the way to retain legit..

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