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In the state people and you yeah Klay is because they tell the truth because they cannot be manipulated like clay in his hands because they will stand up and speak out when things go wrong and they'll tell him what the truth is and the truth he fears because he has lived on anything but the truth not just during his presidency but even before that so thank goodness for the women and men who are at the Intel community law enforcement communities for standing up and carrying out their responsibilities on behalf of their fellow citizens mad John Brennan by the way is basically say thank goodness for members of the deep state are yeah that would be abusing power if you're weaponize the powerful tools of intelligence McKay done answering a question about what the fee I verified in the still dossier with steals role in Hillary's campaign are we already have the answers to those questions we know they didn't verify it and its unverifiable yet it was the bulk of information used in the fight is a warrant application process which says that the top of the application verified that means that was pre meditated fraud against the pie is a quart for the purpose of obtaining a warrant on Carter page by the way taking away all of his constitutional rights member McKay once said famously now infamously perhaps that without the dossier there's there's there's no fight the war wow that's how powerful it was the bulk of information courting other Grassley Graham memo newness memo yeah was the dirty bought and paid for Russian dossier that nobody cared about for three years we're talking about Russian interference just like nobody in the mob in the media cares about Ukrainian interference in the twenty sixteen election and a Ukrainian court has even said they interfered they are willing to give us the evidence that they interfered Joe Biden doesn't that just like they don't care that Biden you know in a quid pro quo we've bragging about leverage the billion taxpayer dollars for the purpose of firing a fast prosecutor you know you're not getting the money yet again the billion mouths I would take it home lets you fire the guy got six hours if you fire him you get the money quid pro quo why did they want to fire keep about a prosecutor in Ukraine the guy was investigating his own son who had no experience in Ukraine oil energy gas but was paid millions of dollars while he was the vice president of the United States and it's not the only country you know it's this is getting to a point we better start getting on track it look it we're gonna have deep state Brandon operatives are leaking what ever they want non whistle blower whistle blowers you not a whistle blower this would be called a leaker this would be called somebody colluding with Adam Schiff staff and to what extent will Brendan I hopefully one day find out but the house of cards in many ways is coming tumbling down we now know the dorm investigation is officially a criminal investigation with the ability to subpoena and convene a grand jury and charges be laid out I would expect we're going to have people charged at some point we're going to before thanksgiving finally I am told to get the ever so anticipated fight is a inspector general report let's see if premeditated fraud on the FISA court is revealed somebody who has been just killing it and exposing a lot of the corruption from the Obama justice department is Sydney Powell friend of this program she's now the attorney for general Michael Flynn author of the definitive book on prosecutorial miss abuse licensed ally is here to update us on what she's discovering and in the Flinn case because it it runs parallel to all the things were discussing city Powell welcome back house general Flynn where are you with the case because you as you said you expect the judge is not going to is the well obviously postponing sentencing and you believe the prosecutors could be held in contempt ultimately yes the judge is not post punk sentencing yeah but he cancelled oral arguments for next week because of the comprehensive briefing of the parties that was our comprehensive briefed primarily and he did allow the government to follow a Sir replied which they just did today that it's really absolutely nothing new and more evidence they simply dwelling on alternative universe of their own imagining they keep going back to the fact he pled guilty in wave dollars rights and now they tell us they they knew his counsel was conflicted but they never raise that issue with the court so we expect to have a fun writing our reply brief which we will follow by Monday okay what what are you discovering what you tell us paint the picture for people maybe that don't understand what we do know certain things about the case we know that that James call me is on tape bragging that I well I did something I'd never do or get away within the bush or Obama years and now I sent my guys over to take advantage of the chaos of the new trump administration on day four Andrew McCabe was asked by general Flynn if he needed an attorney when we heard that B. I. guys were coming to see me so I don't know not at all but in fact that was an interrogation and they did and I am Maranda rights tell us what else is that you have discovered I was standing strong they actually planned all of that that link to strike it minutes that he and McCabe Matt numerous times to decide whether to interview flan and how to go about it there was a small group meeting the day before the interview of general flan in which they strategize about how to keep them relaxed and unguarded for the interview distraught page text messages we found a new one the government never produced that indicated Strock and was sitting around talking with bill priest out the night of January tenth about using the he'll dossier in the news as a pretext to interview people of course Flynn was interviewed with and working days of that I believe they knew their entire investigation claim for a reason to investigate was a pre tax they apps they had a copy of the telephone call always call him back there were already recorded and they had a transcript of them they didn't have to go interview him to find out what the Russian ambassador said they nearly at seven done nothing wrong the entire interview was a pretext and carefully planned and strategize and orchestrated to take advantage of him believing they were friends and allies when the when did you will where is it specifically because I I I don't recall much about Adam are from my memory reading any struck page tax specifically going into the details of this somewhat were produced two prior counsel in the government's productions that dribbled out over a doe here before he plans after judge Sullivan came on the case he entered what's called the Brady order requiring the government to turn over information favorable to the defense and under that they dribbled out things frankly on most of it was dribbled out only as it became publicly available through other sources like the kami admission for example they knew of that a year earlier before they even spoke to Mister Flynn in interviewing him and they didn't produce it to the defense until four days before his sentencing was scheduled and judge someone's court so they had that for well over a year I mean it it's just remarkable the way they went about orchestrating all of us explain what happened that moment where judge Sullivan I think believe something about general Flynn and left the chambers and came back and there was an apology given what happened in that instance well I wondered as I was sitting there at the time I happen to be in the courtroom that day I was wondering it almost felt like judge the open with pushing general Flynn to scream out no I'm innocent I didn't do that I mean it felt to me like he did not want to proceed with the sentencing that day and ultimately he did he suggested to the to the defense of paying five recall you also didn't he say something well my answer is not going to be any different if we don't do it today I don't remember that exactly he did a launch off on a suggestion that the general had arguably sold out his country Wally within the White House and that's what he had to walk back when it came back on the bench but we don't know of course what the government had given him seal the next part today that misled him into thinking well I mean so the guy why would the government be allowed to give them anything without you'll have it all right all the time let it happen all the time in criminal cases well you know nothing not follow I'm sure that I'm not aware of well I mean I'm trying to understand because it's taken so long I thought as a matter of of of law that the the any evidence must be presented to the other side is specially scope of Tory evidence which by the way you you deal with a lot of how often it is sadly withheld our when there's instances of prosecutorial miss abuse and that's the problem here the government claiming they've given us more than we were entitled to it so the judge is going to have to intervene to order us to be given more and the problem for any defendant is he doesn't know what he does not the government literally holds all the cards and they routinely say oh well that's not exculpatory but they're not in a position to decide that on there even claiming here that the text message we found on our own the strike was sitting around talking with bill pre staff about the pretext for the interview they claim that had nothing to do with planned so that's not exculpatory to us that is amazing to me you know what one of the things we do know certain things in the case we do know that they yeah I had on mass general Flynn we do know that they had a full they had the full conversation we do know that he was denied his veranda and basic constitutional rights by the deputy FBI director McCabe at the time we do know that this was a set up by call me that he's bragging about I guess that's how we now treat thirty three year veterans are and we know that he didn't live because the FBI interrogators themselves even after all of this didn't think he was lying correct correct so no and then we know that at the end of the day he was still pled guilty because they were threatening to go after Saddam is that correct that's correct that and he was had been almost bankrupted by that time the legal fees were enormous just from the purported fair of violations he was paid Cummington over a million dollars by early summer and and and the only manual council stuff started let me pick up yeah when we get back out of city power attorney for general Michael Flynn with us we're getting close we're going to get this information and it can't come soon enough Joe concha on our corrupt media will get to that fascinating view of the Jeffrey abstain suicide by doctor Michael Baden and David shown who is representing him coming up want to remind you of you paying one of the big carriers for your cell.

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