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They are sports illustrate made incredible body of war. I really appreciate the integrity is well on great job. We love it. Luckily Bank Keys Kris menace. These employed by sports illustrated the announcers got it in for me. This is the crossover NBA. Podcast you have a problem with it. Build a team that can beat of hosted by the one and thank God Mannix Wes. Wilcox is here former Atlanta Hawks general manager. Nba TV analyst. All around good guy for joining me here days before the NBA trade deadline. What's up West not much Chris. How're you do you miss this time of year as a now former general manager was this? Does this get your juice going this this week? This week is the most fun of any time of year. Because you know you're focused on one thing you know what your objectives are and you have trays to try to to try to pull off You know there are other times of the year that you just you know like the draft is one of the most challenging because you're working on trades potential planning for free agency and of course draft night so this is one of those times a year that you do miss you now. You can tell me if I'm wrong on this but this is one of those times a year that it feels like everything not everybody writes. But it's certainly what I feel like I would. I write what others other guys nationally right. There's a level of truth to all of it because I mean I know a lot of assistant. Gm's just canvas the league with so if you see something like checked in on or called about chances are probably happened because everybody's kind of kicking the tires on everything. It seems like yeah. So are you talking about just the media reports and all of the room? I mean it feels like they're true because it just depends on the level of truth to it right like our how serious a team was about a phone call that it made or a potential conversation. It had one of the things I've learned doing media the last couple years is the media does a great job of getting information. And so yeah. I think there's teams do a great job of trying to turn over every single potential opportunity so a lot of what you read may not be like down the road. It may not actually happen. But is there something that created that oftentimes? Yes no though. There have been things that you read internally that are completely made up one of the most respected media members colleagues of yours reached out to me one time about something that we supposedly are. I supposedly had said that we would. It was like just. It could not have been further from the truth so there are times that it definitely is not as credible but most often. There's a lot to it. I would say this to sometimes executives and maybe this is more this might be more draft connected but sometimes executives use the media to disseminate what they're looking for or what they're trying to if the easiest way to get out there to teams but what they're willing to deal and what might be what what back in return no doubt. I mean there's there are there are teams out there. Trying to create markets and oftentimes. You have to be careful about not what is said. But it's what is what is not being said and oftentimes. That's where the story is. It's so much fun. Such a fun week to deal with and it's an interesting one this year and I want to jump in at the at the top with all the talk right now around Cling Cappella the rockets center who has three years left on his contract. Manageable money for a player of on his level around twenty million dollars. Give or take each year up the rockets they. WanNa do something. And that's kind of Darryl Maurice M. O. In Houston they they. Don't I think what they're looking for is a trading partner that will give them back assets that they can turn around and flip for something else so this is a multi tiered approach that the rockets are taking this. What do you make of Houston at this stage of the season looking to move off.

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