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All right, So that's what quantum means. It's like how the world behaves when you get down to this little tiny bits of the embers, which is totally different and kind of fuzzy and probabilistic. To know that's combined with the word everyone knows, which is a computer. So what does it mean to like? Have a quantum computer? Yes. Oh, the idea there is. Let's build a computer. Let's build out of pieces that could do these weird things, because then maybe you can solve problems that are otherwise hard. I mean, I think it's also important to think about how a normal computer works. And like, what does it mean to say a computer before we think about what is a quantum computer? Andre for those of you out there listening If I know what a computer is, you have one in your in your office or whatever you bang on it right. You download stuff and play Mario kart or whatever. But what is doing on the inside is really is that it's doing calculations, right? Ah, program on your computer. Some of that does a calculation. Maybe that calculation is how do I draw Mario cart on the screening or You know, how do I predict this? The trajectory of this cannonball that I want to fire my opponent's castle or whatever. In the end, it's doing a calculation and the way it does that calculation is that it represents the problem that needs to be solved in terms of a bunch of numbers because all the computer really in the end is doing is manipulating numbers. I mean, the memory in your computer is a bunch of ones and zeros is what we call bits. And those represented number and a computer is useful when you can take a problem you want to solve and represented in a way that the computer knows how to solve it. Right, right. So, for example, Don't hit my baseball in a way that goes over the fence. What angles the best angle to do that, right? You want to solve that problem, But you first have to break it down into math and then have your computer. Basically acted the calculator and crunch those math equations and the kind of Matthew used to break it down depends on the kind of computer you have. And the kind of calculations that computer conduce you s o the kind of computers we use. Classical computers have ones and zeroes, and all they can do are few basic logical operations on those ones and zeros. They could do and they can do or they could do excellent or NAND, and you can build those up to do all sorts of more complicated things. Like addition or subtraction, or Mario kart, another video games, right and the way it does, that you're saying is that it takes the problem. You know, Where is Mario in Mario Kart or How much is two plus two breaks it down into bits, which is our which are ones and zeros. So everything that like most of our language, all the math that we know about the all that can be essentially eventually breaking down into ones and zeroes. That's right, and we'll see later. The quantum computers don't use ones and zeroes, and they have a different kind of logic so they can sell the different kinds of problems. And in the end, it's all about efficiency. Which kind of computer is faster at which kind of problem running Mario kart or breaking into the essay. Does it take one second or does it take a billion years? Let's talk about why you want to break it down into ones and zeroes right? Likewise, What's that important? Because once you've broken down to ones and zeros, then even like a simple computer can then add and subtract those right. Like if you Kenbrell, the whole world, the ones and zeros and everything into simple operations like plus reminders. And you can have a machine. Basically do it. Yeah, You can do simple logic operations and ones and zeroes. And there's a theory and that shows that you can combine those two do any logical operation. So if you combine enough of those together, you could have any operation. Your inputs. Hmm. It doesn't mean it's necessarily the best way to do any problem like you might say, Hey, I want to know where this baseball is going to go. So one way to do that is build a computer. Have inside the computer, a perfect model. How the baseball works and do the calculation. Another way to do that is just it. The baseball right from that perspective, like a baseball is a computer that calculates one thing. How far does this baseball go? Right. It's very powerful. It's very fast, but it only does that one thing. The advantage of a classical computer with ones and zeros is that it can solve lots of different kinds of problems. They could do your baseball problem and it can do Mario cart. Right. Okay, so that's the basis of regular computers like even the computer. On the phone that people are listening to this podcast on it's taking our voices breaking and down to London zeros chopping those a mixing them up and then Basically recreating our voices and flappy bird, right? That's right. Exactly. And so what is a quantum computer? Will a quantum computer is a computer built out of different little pieces right? Whereas a normal computer uses ones and zeros, a quantum computer uses quantum mechanical objects that have different properties. They can be zero. They could be one. Or they could be some combination of zero and one the way a quantum particle is like. Maybe it's here. Maybe it's their quantum bit. What we call a cubit is maybe zero. Maybe one has a probability Be zero on a probability to be one and again. It's not secretly zero and secretly one like a dice you've already rolled and you haven't looked at It's not determined. It's some combination of zero in some combination of while I see what if he had a computer that was fundamental little processing unit is not just black and white. But maybe, like some something in between black shades of gray sheets. A great like what would happen if you add mix those up and try to make calculations. With things that can be not just ones and zeros. Yeah, And so what happens is.

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