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Right from your phone. What else can biz any other crazy wackadoo little stories? You got far all got a pretty wild story. I don't know how many people are still listening because you've been going pretty long wanna table 'cause I went to Victoria. And it reminded me of the wild story that we're not we're during the lockout and max Talbot was stolen these games in Quebec. I think he through about five or six charity games through that lock. I ended up flying out there to go plan to this was I want to say it was before Canadian thanksgiving. So I find out too much y'all play these games I end up going to to I took down an absolute mess. So I'm on top of the world. You know, these French girls mannered thirty year, then guys. So I'm flying back out to Victoria. And I have to connect in Vancouver so-. I land in Vancouver. And I have like a two two and a half hour layover. So I head up a bar and up grabbing a meal while there's nice looking lady little older woman next to me while we start shooting the shit. She's originally from kalona lives in California. Now, she's going back up to Colona for Canadian thanksgiving, and you know, just start shooting the shit. We can we start hitting it off. And there's a number exchange, and you know, talks turned a little bit sexual. So I signed up my Bill, and I said of are in the airport at the barn airport. So I end up sign on my Bill. So let me walk you over to your gate, and as walking over I say, let's go off sex, and that handicap bathroom over there, and she's like your back, and I said, I. No. I said, let's go. Hey, you got idea part you. Hottick? So so here's here's a problem with the story. Obviously some people be like do. That's ridiculous you and the handicap bathroom, it was one that was like talked away where yes, if somebody would have came knocking order to use it, I would've felt bad. But as one of those ones that was like a family onto where you could win like change that diaper. So whatever guys obviously have a sickness Yambol horny guy. So I end up bringing this in this bathroom and actually being the wheels offer and as in sex some of you people make it offended by that as well. And as as the blow she's come over and take a picture. So I came all over the fuck, I swear to God. I still have a number my phone, and it was it was insane. I up Senate texoma buddies like dude, you would never guess what just happened biz use the ges filter. Yeah. Are a you are fucking clown. But yeah that was so I got to get a notch in the airport. I was that was a while one of the wild stories from from my my crazy days. That's phenomenal. I mean, that's Joe psych. But you know, you got the TAT's you're all ripped up, and you're sitting there, and she's already loving you. And then you, you know, when you say that she's like, this is this is a man that like, I get my rocks off just like a bad fuck, and she probably thought you were criminal. I get my rocks off at doing things and weird situations. Like, I need that. Well, yeah. I mean, so all would you fuck girl in an airport? Fuck ya. Oh, yeah. I mean, that's the type of shit. I used to do all the time when I was young dumb and full of come in my twenties. I would do all that stuff. I love these stories because I was kinda like when I was younger. It's all I settled down. Like, I when I was driving home with two strange of rise. I didn't even know them. Like, I was hitting on one girl. She wanted nothing to do with me. And that was me and the other girl left. She's I drive my car I'm drunk and she put on a CD. And I I knew everywhere on the CD. It was Arrowsmith. She's like, oh my God. You like our Smith. I'm like on the old shit. She's like turned on by that next end on ener fuck on house didn't bit..

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