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Choked and threatened to kill her on was verbally abusive glass was broken and we were the floor in the countertop At some point, he pulled me around by my neck and pushed me against the bar naked. My back was against the marble. He was pressing so hard on my neck. I couldn't breathe and he screamed at me. You ruined my life. I hate you! I'm goingto f ing kill you and I'm going to have your corpse. Wow. So he actually blames his bad behavior on a self created third party that he calls the monster. So he's kind of admitting to doing all this stuff. Depth would frequently accuse Amber of having affairs with co stars including Eddie Redmayne, James Franco, Kevin Costner, Billy Bob Sauron, Channing Tatum. Billy Bob gets their Digo Everybody. Yeah, he apparently even made up derogatory nicknames for some of these guys, For example, Leonardo DiCaprio was pumpkinhead. By the way, that's not uncommon. Tony Kanaan was potato You called? Your husband's actually called My Girlfriend's ex. His name's before you. No, Come on. That's not E O. I know. It's like a 12 year old potato head. My mom refers to anyone who might father dated before her. Isa slut or Yeah, because all the sluts and whores before May, she said. Just even know these people matter Saturday night Live, is looking to return to the studio for the upcoming season this fall. They put on three at home episodes in April in May, when it was the height of the Corona virus outbreak shut down. Mint. So, sources say, Lorne Michaels and producers are considering ways to return to the studio for the next season. The kicks off in the fall. If they do film in the studio, it'll likely be without a studio audience. I saw Jimmy Fallon back. He's back in his studio doing like they could pipe. Hello, lovely laughs and all that the release of tenant we were talking about this earlier has been delayed indefinitely Do Teo most movie theaters being closed because of the Corona virus? Christopher Nolan thriller was scheduled to be released August 12th was pushed back again as cases in the US continue to surge this March. The third time tenants moved. The original date was July 17th. Then the 31st then August 12 so movie theaters had hoped to begin re opening at the end of July and no longer possible in states where cases air rising. Especially like California and places in the South. More to check out online today, Nicki Minaj is pregnant. The worst kept secret of the last six months. But you can see the photos Kanye's Twitter around. It was very sad against his wife, his mother in law, Even Shyla, both and Chris eat Egan's breast reduction pictures. Douchey. You can check them all out of Fred angie dot com. Let's get to some good news stories in just a second, and we'll get some money soon. Angie.

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