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You know some of those fucking dudes are impressive, but I just worry about shoulder injuries exactly when like the? Thing eatings KIP KIPPER IS KIP UP kidnaps embodied. UPS known those things look like a recipe for me to fuck myself. There are less recipe for Lebron tear, but guys. A bunch of guys gave me shit when I set up. My Own gym looks like a cross fit Jim. I'm like yeah. I'm not doing any KIP up so like make jokes. I knew. A Functional Strength Jim you know I do the most ideas the you know. As far as like I'll do one arm dumbbell snatches I do some straight leg deadliest, but I do everything in moderation, and where I used to lift super heavy for power like crazy, heavily used to be a big motherfucker. Right I seventy pounds bigger than am nice yeah. I got to bench. My goal was to bench over five hundred now I I. We're GonNa Dickhead emailing me. I cheated right. I used steroids. And what the fuck! I was doing so, but I tell you what when your Weiner breaks from taking that that'll make you stop doing anything that's what happened I. Don't Fuck Up to, but I got to where I could lift pretty much anything I wanted. I couldn't walk from me Jamie and back without getting winded. And so. Do you, Mike! I mean I'll just. List what I took. Sure so was taken two hundred and fifty milligrams or one milliliter of Nancy eight every three days. So basically taking three shots a week of Nancy I. Don't know what that is. It's stuff. No, it's just testosterone to milligrams so I take one shot of that a week now for being on Testosterone, testosterone placement. But, I was also taken Ekka poise That's for horses. Yes, it is. I was taking ACA poise. I was taking That makes you super purple. DECA I took trainable and for a while, but I could not handle trendy I fuck hung out of a building. Like is not good. It's. Superhuman strength, aggressive sex drive, but superhuman dickhead who like you just not for me? So I only took up for a little bit and I didn't take it for that long. The one thing I found out is one. There's a reason that you're not supposed to be on that shit and I'm not a religious guy, so I'm not GonNa say God didn't mean you to be that way, but somebody didn't mean me to fucking. Be that way your monkeying with your your structure, you know, give a chemical and biological in hormonal structure of your body and your monkeying with that. You're adding massive amounts of muscle to your body. You're adding superhuman levels of hormones to your body well and I. You know I'm like the first time I took echo poise. It's a horse decongestant. Yes it cleans out the airways or opens up to bronchial. Pack and Shit Up. What am I getting sick while? It's because you know. There's horses pigs on the fucking container. Eighty? People ask me about it. I'm like don't do it. Eat Healthier, you know. Workout hard like I lost everything anyway, but. The problem was is in the middle that have deca, and it's got. They called Deca Dick Right. It makes you like no sex drive and I wasn't taking anything to 'cause I watched her dog Oh right in the horse fill in the pit with my daughter and I started crying. Dog is a movie right? Okay, Anyway of course falls in the pit. Horse gets like a spear and its leg. I'm crying I'm like what the fuck is wrong with me. Well your emotional Jesus. My estrogen levels were like through the roof so I looked, and like an idiot I was taking I had two hundred milligram per milliliter Deca, and then I, had another bottle that was like four hundred or something, and I got a mixed up, so I was doubling up on. Decca gets at some of the dumbers shes for. Maybe, a year and a half. Did you get yourself checked out afterwards? Oh Yeah, when I was OK well when I got off I. Wish I had a photo i. don't pulling up. How big do I look like that rock on fantastic four, fucking weird looking dude, Ronnie Coleman in here Oh, my God. Go first of all, what a great guy! So Nice Excel friendly, and so so happy, even though he's basically broken. Yeah, he's had how many back surgeries did he say he had? Something crazy. Yeah like more than ten back surgeries an article at that thirteen, but that was probably it is entire. Back is basically fused. Yeah, but when you look at him when he was Mr Olympia, you know when he was winning Jesus, Yeah Jesus. I mean that a human being can get that big. Oh, it's! It's insane and I. I only scratched like I didn't put the you know He. He's done it in his whole life, right? Those guys are freaks Phil. Heath lives by US Denver. You'll see him every now and they're used to, and he's a new kind of a one one guy like Ronnie. The thing is lowest like you go into a gym and grab two hundred pound dumbbells, and you start doing incline bench with no spotter. At stare, you know, get grabbing some looks, but genetically was not built to lift that heavy right that that's there's some help involved in that, but I got to a point where I was super emotional and not like a I. Don't believe really in the Royd rates thing. 'cause I never got that. We're talking about you. Just tell me hanging off the side of a building. Yeah well, let me finish good point, but I think if you just take an increased amount of testosterone, and Anabolic in general. If you're happy guy, you're happy. You're sad guy. You're sad and if you're addicted, you're more of a dickhead. The thing was well trend. That's why got off. That was one thing for me to definitely I. Just I was changing psychologically when I got off, it was the problem like emotionally. I was Iraq like that's the closest I'm not like a suicidal guy. That's the closest where my brain just didn't function. And I got off cold Turkey and Whatever that is a big issue with kids. Young kids endocrine system crashes, and just like we were talking about with soldiers that have been blown up a our football, players or fighters. your body's not producing testosterone correctly after you get off that Shit and you get really really depressed for some people bigger XY as what they were telling me, because I was afraid to go to the gym because I was shrinking..

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