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Can we just beat here and remember that like we're together now you know i don't know yeah 'cause you're right. Katie likes to speak her mind and as much as she could be happy with somebody and be protective of that relationship. She could also be like but i have feelings and thoughts and i'm not gonna just let them go because i'm with somebody you know like i don't know i feel like i feel like she's really going to speak her mind. Yeah just what. I hope is that the perception isn't what happens on the mental no not African rose but like the perception of it could be like. She's not over him if she's right however she reacts and that's what's scary for me for the other. I'm just super empathetic to the other guys in this whole thing because they've had to take a backseat to greg this entire season. I'm sure they're just so sick of the greg show. Yeah so that sucks for them. I totally agree with you. I totally agree Okay i've got one quick game of would you rather bachelorette edition before we go. Would you rather spend a day with michael. A or andrew s. Oh i andrew s. But i want to go to austria with andrew s. I want him to like show me around where he played football. And i want to get something out of it. Like i don't wanna go to like a play date with like michael and his kids. Go the jungle gym you on good austria. I don't need to go to like the the bounce house. I want to go to austria. That's usually i am. Would you rather have to speak in andrews english accent for a month or only use maple syrup in the bedroom for a month of the english accent for sure. That just seems like such a mess. It that's what i when he was like amused it in the bedroom. And i'm like maybe like once he has but like you learn very quickly to not do that again. Yeah i mean like and also like if you dripped any of it on the bed. Like there's it's gonna like attracts like feathers. Hair is gonna be like this like grow spot you know. And also not a great natural lubricant. You know not dries up quickly very sticky and it just didn't make a lot of sense when he said that Okay would you rather go on a double date with connor. The cat and the girl from the audience made out with or michael a and james to a bouncy house connor. I love connor. But yeah you gotta understand like connor And i not to say that. I didn't spend time with. Maybe michael impaired. I spent a good amount of time with Corner in paradise. And he's like what i like about him he's such a can dork but up. But here's the thing i he owns it like. I just like people that like know who they are and just can likely be themselves and like he knows in a nerd and and he's a hilarious nerd so i so funny and quirky and talented and lak- he really is his own person. I i agree with you..

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