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Carrow road this has made me so happy I've watched the first season of very long I don't know and I thought that it was just a one and done I thought I was a mini series but I didn't realize there was a second season till much later so I'm way behind so I'm gonna start all the way from the beginning hi you know what I'll rewatch it with you alls I'm gonna rewatch because that that is a that's a warm friend after the show you guys need to convince me to go back yeah she tried two services are these on where do I find Netflix's the crown Downton abbey is on PBS can you get it on Hulu or stand by okay Hey Seery where can I watch Downton abbey she's going to be worthless are you talking to me Amazon prime okay well Amazon prime okay perfect the movie to see in the movies great too yeah okay good okay like drug dealers handing out free sample we are can get involved with three days we're happy that we got you on killing eve that we accomplished right yes that's what I was gonna say I am so gross this Lou this show is compromise my integrity I cannot get anything done and now I'm I'm I'm on episode five season two and I'm finding myself where I don't hear B. and show the rest of them because I want to say if you want to say right one app yeah yeah for every day I I watched two or three of them yesterday and like all my god I got to stop I got a stopper or you know all they automatically plays the next one and the like I'm only gonna watch a minute shot that feature off me too all you do trailers of pop up too you can disable those now I just love that shot I want the bad guy to be good in the good guy to be bad the judge as me all mixed up in general so good that's a new trend in writing so killing eve everyone a recap to put a bow on this part one of what were watching killing eve is available on well it's on BBC America and AMC live right now the new season and I can see past episodes on what it will lose on Hulu yeah yeah the first two seasons and then the crown is available on Netflix and Downton abbey on Amazon prime there we go seven twenty nine more what we're watching when we return my talk recommends people are looking for something new we've got to give it to them here's what the my doctors are diving.

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