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If you haven't been inside an art museum lately you may not be aware that the experience of experiencing art is changing technology is increasingly part of fine art sometimes it is the fine art the pollution of the art museum experienced doesn't appear to have been lost on the seattle art museum the eighty five year old institution has hired its first chief technology officer and that means rethinking man perhaps changing the presentation of some fine art welcome to geekwire from geekwire dot com and seattle i'm frank katelyn oh gig wire contributor and host of the special interview series with some of the leading voices of the arts popular culture and science fiction i'm pleased to be joined by monique engineer mini shas the new sam cto coming to seattle from the well known museum of modern art in new york city his new role is described as overseeing technology and digital efforts to amplify the museum's mission and improve its operations many welcome thank you so you have both a masters of art degree and contemporary art and an undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering plus an nba how unusual is that combination of arts and computer science yeah i don't know how usually by it just makes me a little bit add i think and that's what kind of led me to it but i kind of reject the whole notion of left brain right brain i think people can be interested in both and yeah i haven't met too many other people with my background but it seems perfect for what you're doing right i think so yeah so i think i was a shoo in candidate when i applied for the job i'll check with the sam board about that after this what do you think made sam ready to hire its first cto at this point well you know i think you know they were just kind of having some general turnover and just having the backdrop of the technology seen here in seattle i think they kind of realized that they needed to bring a cto and to really amplify the mission of the museum what was appealing about coming to the seattle art museum from new york which you know has so many museums you could probably go to one each day in an and over a year not see all of them.

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