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Radio 600 KOGO Live local, breaking the latest numbers out of San Diego. I'm Marilyn Haider. The positive test rate for the Corona virus in San Diego is down again to 4%. This is lower. The rolling two week average to 5.4% and five the last seven days have been below the 14 day average. Hospitalizations were moving slowly in the right direction in the metric that has sent you go county in the state Watch list is also trending in the right direction. The number of cases 100,000 people is down to 1 26 That was 155. A week ago, the county still reporting the high number of new community outbreaks three or more cases from different households linked to the same location. 13 new outbreaks reported a total 38 in the last week, and three new deaths were also announced this afternoon. From the last 11 days, one woman and two men in their sixties and seventies with underlying medical conditions, the total now 561 for the year. Jack Cronin Google News. The search continues at this hour for eight Marines missing after their amphibious vehicle started taking on water last night is that left San Clemente headed for a naval ship during training exercises. And Corporal Jennifer Grey with Camp Pendleton says the accident turned deadly one Marine with 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. One Marine Expeditionary Force was pronounced dead at Scripps Memorial Hospital. LaToya two Marines were transported to local hospitals where one was listed in critical condition and the other in stable condition. Navy ships helicopters in the Coast guard are searching for the remaining Marines, and it is under investigation. Lawmakers meeting this weekend on the next Cove in relief bill. There's going to be a big meeting here on Capitol Hill tomorrow between Speaker Pelosi, the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, the secretary of the Treasury, Stephen Yushin, and also the White House chief of staff. Mark Meadows. You don't have a big meeting on Saturday morning at nine o'clock unless you're trying to get down to brass tacks. That indicates kind of the urgency of the situation here because the House of Representatives is done, they're out until Some point later in August. The Senate doesn't come back until Monday. Mark Meadows indicates that you know he was talking to the speaker late last night, and Democrats repeatedly have rejected a number of the White House proposals. Chad. Programme reporting Democrats want a broader build on what Republicans are offering. A federal appeals court is throwing out the death penalty of the Boston Marathon bombers, saying it wasn't a fair trial due to pretrial publicity. There will be a new trial. Newly unsealed court documents from Virginia do Phrase 2015 lawsuit against his lane. Maxwell Risi reveals some of the men accused of taking part in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking ring. Brian Yannis has the story in them. She accuses Maxwell of continuously in constantly sexually abusing many minor girls on Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean Private Island. Now, Ju Frey says that Epstein and Maxwell trafficked her too many famous and political and The rich people. She said that she was trafficked to an unnamed major hotel chain owner, a Spanish president, She confirms that she was abused by Prince Andrew, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and attorney Alan Dershowitz. Now all of those men have denied wrongdoing. Max. It was arrested at her home in New Hampshire this month. It has been charged with conspiracy and perjury and Epstein's sex trafficking ring The Dalek 1 14 and 26,000 for 28. Your updated weekend weather very hot Today is supposed to be the hottest day but it's going to be hot for your weekend with the heat advisory in the valleys and mountains of excessive heat warning through the.

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