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Pal Jeff Logan stops by for a visit here in about five minutes away I will get that going and I don't know if you've been on the web the site lately of course Jackson record podcast drop yesterday the these guys always fired up Stanley on the Heisman and his pick is way different than most people so if you miss that check it out six ten WTVN dot com just go to the podcast page got a fresh post up this morning hear an awful lot about porch pirates this time of year and I talk to my wife about that you know what can we do we can live off the beaten path so we don't worry about stuff getting dropped at our house as much but you know people that live in the city Hey we got the package is right on the front door and people just drop by and help themselves well there was one kind of interesting one in San Pedro of Los Angeles area so I got the video up if you want if you want to check that out and I just hello Lester time this morning so I poked around just on the whole porch pirate theme and it's amazing with all the any of those no video doorbells other people have the video that people collect so I just kind of posted some compilations some of them are animals that do the pilfering I mean you know from squirrels the bears ripping stuff off of people's front porches and then by finished with the ports pirate megamix just how boulder and brazen people are stealing stuff off of Peter I mean it's amazing I mean there's some people like to actually open the box to see what's in it and only take a couple things out of it so it day again to just a couple minutes for the video if you want to check it out got a fresh up on the blog this morning you can see it now at six.

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