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Not because he's been pitching any better his strike out and walk numbers are actually worse in those situations he just hasn't allowed hits if you know batting average on balls and play this year with men on base one seventy one you can analyse this you can go over how much better he's pitching with men on base and that was getting week contact in one not it doesn't matter it's not real he's not this good this just jason vargas happening in the national league with a different sort of aggression coming due gonzales not this good but congratulations to him how mean he's technically earned the low era i was as surprised as you are and you were at a prizes the reader was and jon heyman hint john wolf who knows how a surprise john hammond was but a yeah this is a this is a thing that's the i guess i never really address the question which was that baseball reference calculates its pitcher war based mostly on runs allowed and on bank wraps it's about be peripherals and the expected runs allowed so that's the big difference on thank wraps it's about fifth and on baseball reference it's about iraqi that's the oversimplification but that is why one of those sites loves ju it's all us this year yep and each approach has its virtues it depends what you're trying to do really if you're trying to figure out may be how a guy is going to pitch from now on maybe it'd be more likely to look at the famed grass were if you want to just look at retrospective value may be it look at baseball reference that's not really a a perfect way to separate the two because you could say that you says hasn't totally earned that that may be luck has played a big part in in his run prevention or maybe the defense says so.

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