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Is releasing into the United States people who are covert positive who are going across not just Texas. But elsewhere in the country Operation Lone Star will target drug smugglers and those smuggling people across the border state police in Texas National Guard troops will be deployed to border hot spots. Governor Abbott is said to visit mission today, where he will speak about border security. The number of unaccompanied migrant Children and border Patrol detention facilities is continuing to climb with more than 3200 kids and custody about 100 National Guard are activated in Minneapolis for the murder trial of ex police officer Derrick Show. Then he's the one who held George Floyd down with his knee on his neck last year until he stopped breathing. His trial was set to start yesterday. But jury selection was pushed back until today to do the prosecution wanting to add a third degree murder charge on top of the manslaughter and second degree murder charge. Show them Already facing well. CBS Energy started sending out delayed bills from last month's Winter Storm. Deanna Hardwick with CPS says they started sending out bills yesterday, but it will not include any unreasonable winter storm charges or late fees in order to catch up on all of those bills. It'll take us through the end of this week, Customers should just start seeing it on the regular bill cycle moving forward due to the delay. CPS Energy executives say it is possible that last month's bill and your upcoming bill could arrive close to each other CPS and Geo's nearly $1 billion to ERCOT and natural gas companies as a result of skyrocketing energy prices during the Winter Storm, a second member of the Public Utility Commission, which oversees the state's power grid operator, is stepping down from her position. Shelly Bodkin resigned, effective immediately. Dan Walker resigned from the chair of the commission last week following last month's widespread power failure, and Tesla founder Elon Musk, maybe getting involved in the Texas power business. Bloomberg reports. Tesla's subsidiary Gambit Energy Storage, is working on a facility near Houston that could bring power to around 20,000 homes. It is believed the facility can store over 100 megawatts of energy. Well, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is getting paid. It was a great day to sign Dak Prescott is the five year quarterback and the Dallas Cowboys have agreed to terms on a new contract, according to ESPN and the NFL network. It's four year deal worth $160 Million.126 of that is guaranteed, which is a new league record. The Cowboys had until today to get the deal done before having put him on the franchise tag again for this upcoming season. Where he would have been scheduled to make nearly $38 million this year alone. I'm Tanner Carlson News Radio 1200 W. Away I President Biden's two German shepherds are reportedly gone from the White House after showing aggressive behavior. The dogs were returned to the bite and family home in Delaware last week after one of the dogs Major had what's described as a biting incident with White House security. Major is a rescue dog adopted from a Delaware shelter in 2018. No word of major will be welcome back to the White House after further Training on Meghan Markle and Press Aires Tell all interview with Oh, Bro has reportedly left their family members feeling sour. That two hour interview with Oprah making made a lot of allegations about how unbearable life in the palace Woz the two most serious the suggestion that the family is racist, and that Megan was suicidal and needed help, but was denied it on the grounds she would make the family look bad. Many say the interview has just blown the royal family up. And it's been reported that Charles Prince Charles is in a state of despair. Now there were also reports the palace spin. Doctors had prepared a statement responding to all of this, but the queen blocked it. So the assumption is they need a little bit more time to get their ducks in a row. Figure out what to say Prince areas is his family failed to condemn British tabloids negative coverage of his marriage, and Harry credits his wife for helping him realize he was quote trapped and royal life. Pandemic. Pet food Sales continue to surge at Korea, Bloomberg has is in focus report. Sales of pet food surged 10% in 2020. That was the fastest growth and more than a decade is stuck at home. Consumers adopted more cats and dogs. The pet food in the U. S report says the brightest note for the pet food industry during the age of Corona virus has been the increase in pet ownership that's taken place. Dana Brooks is president and CEO of the Pet Food Institute. She says the industry faced challenges. Because of the pandemic. The outbreak of covert in some of our ingredients supplier, especially the you know, in the meat sector, pet food companies were able to get an important designation. We were able to secure that pet food manufacturing would be deemed essential like human food, Brooks says. Online ordering was huge for pet food sales in 2020 the pandemic just expedited pet food sell through.

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