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Geologist, Yellowstone discussed on Stuff They Don't Want You To Know Audio


We have returned we'll do one more email that i think you guys are going to enjoy it's about an oldie but a goodie from our past archive someone identified as our shepherd says hey guys i'm catching up on your pike has just finished an episode from february twenty fifteen in which you express impersonal fears about these super volcano under yellowstone i hope you've already found the info i'm going to share but in case you haven't i wanted to swat fears a bit i recently spoke about this to a friend who works as a geologist for that state as he explained to me the key to the super volcano issue is plate tectonics the lake of lava under yellowstone is so large and spread out because the hot spot that the magma comes from has been moving for many millions of years in the same direction this hot spot has already moved past the large magma chamber under yellowstone and it is continuing to move away as zolt new new magma stick no new friends but no new magma is moving into the large magma chamber which means the pressure in the pool is not increasing which means interruption in the future and that location is not likely eruptions have occurred at regular intervals in the past because the chamber that the hotspot fed into was so large that it took a very very long time for the spots moved through that area there may be eruptions further down the line that the spots traveling but they will be on top of different magma chambers that have yet to form i hope this info is useful in some way this is the best my knowledge accurate but i only have the word of my jealous friend my general understanding of plate tectonics and thermodynamics to go on which is certainly amateur on my part thanks for teaching us all about the stuff they want you can't wait to catch up on current episodes met you must be thrilled to hear this i am extremely happy that we're going to be.

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Geologist, Yellowstone discussed on Stuff They Don't Want You To Know Audio

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