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Presented by Schwartz laser eye center. I stop by MAC and Gaydos his office yesterday because they said they wanted to ask me a question even. Though I was a little distracted. Because I kept thinking to myself What. A MAC and Gaydos get an office and I don't I did catch what they are asking me are you going to sue state Representative Paul Moseley Moseley by. The way that state. Legislator who thinks he can do a one hundred forty miles an hour because well speed limits are for little people in suckers as I was pondering. Are those gold handles. On MAC and Gaydos credential I was actually to ask them why well it's. Because Moseley it was explained to me blocked me on Twitter since he loves to claim legislative immunity. From speeding tickets every getting. Caught doing more than thirty miles over, the speed limit I just figured. That mostly was exercising Twitter immunity for media criticism MAC and Gaydos pointed to. A case where congressman Paul, gosar was sued by a constituent he blocked on. Facebook arguing, that goes ours Facebook page is an official form of communication so he has a right. To see it go Sara eventually unblocked that guy who lives in, goes ours congressional district in Kingman and that's at least one of the reasons. At least one of the three reasons why won't be suing Representative Moseley for blocking me even though it might mean more airtime on the MAC and Gaydos shore dare to dream Access to that palatial office one I, don't care what a. Guy with such little regard for the safety of others has to say in social media. So block away buddy, too I don't think. I have standing to sue because I'm not. A constituent Moseley's and I have no plans to, move to lake havasu with Representative speed racer's zooming all over the place and, most importantly three I didn't hear a single. Offer for MAC or Gaydos to fund this lawsuit which they could easily pay for by just one of those massage chairs they got in that office that would. Make Trump jealous All right you can join Jim Sharpe.

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