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One to an I get forced into. Let's say Your Dad's a huge step for me so like if my goal is to take one of those running backs. I'd rather just take him at thirty two and like like I get the idea I would rather trade back and take my top running back to. It's just a risk reward game when you're already dealing with such a unimportant position running back I hate. It would be very scared of the idea to trade back than miss out. Guy Is take the next best out. Or maybe Clyde Johnson tailored go and you just move on to another position because you're bored which is two thumbs up. That's kind of like. Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking like. Maybe it's just like okay. We'RE GONNA move back to forty five. Clyde is hilarious there yet. Maybe WE'LL TAKE. He's in that pool that we're considering kind of thing but if not we're taking you know. Jeff GLADDEN BECAUSE JEFF. Cloudy might be there. Don't don't tip me with that if I if we take. Jeff glad near forty five geeked down on flip outlet like man. Okay Dan Dane Burglar is. I mean he is goaded this. I mean that's the name as the best his mark I believe had Jeff Glad Ni go and fifty four. See that. That's a steel. That's a steal for me but I if you can make that happen. That's fine. I just see you scenario like sitting around here last year. Talking about Byron Murphy. We're talking about Joe. One Williams Sean Murphy Bunting Rockiest Sin. All these guys that. Hey May- maybe you can pick up one of those guys near the end of the second round. Maybe you can pick up one of those guys late. All those guys are gone early in the second. Read you trade back to forty five. You miss out on it. Let's say you got running backs. You're targeting you miss out on Clyde.

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