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Carol masser This stock has been on a tear since early May So take us into the economic impact of this Along with reporters and editors who helped make your business week profitable Let's dig into it with Bloomberg business week editor Joe Weber It's the cover story of the upcoming issue Bloomberg businessweek We afternoons at two eastern These are retailers that have been on everybody's radar Those Apple numbers continuing to come in on Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Police in New Mexico say actor Alec Baldwin was told the prop gun he was using onset was safe The New York Times reports an affidavit shows an assistant director grabbed a prop gun and yelled cold gun meaning the weapon did not have any live rounds Director of photography Helena Hutchins was killed when Baldwin pulled the trigger on Thursday Baldwin said his heart is broken for her family and his cooperating with the investigation No trespassing signs are posted outside the Florida home of Brian laundry's family The signs went up today as media cruise continued their stakeout of the property remains found in Florida's Carlton nature reserve this week were positively identified as the 23 year olds authorities described him as the only person of interest in the death of Gabby petito in Wyoming The search for missing 5 year old New Hampshire boy Elijah Lewis is now focused on a wooded area near avington Massachusetts Elijah was last seen 6 months ago His mother and her boyfriend had been arrested on child endangerment and witnessed tampering charges in the case of Chris courage And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg news room Today was the first day of early in person voting in New York City and New Jersey early voting continues until October 31st Supply chain issues are leading to a nationwide drug shortage The American medical association calls it an urgent public health crisis that threatens patient care and safety The FDA is listing 115 drugs in short supply nationally Three of the top drugs that are getting scarce are used for chemotherapy heart conditions and antibiotics Saudi Arabia has pledged to eliminate planet warming emissions within its borders by 2060 It marks a seismic shift for the world's biggest oil exporter though officials included plenty of caveats and emphasized that Saudi Arabia and others would need to pump crude for decades to come Tesla shares are now at a record We get more about that from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet The electric vehicle maker has moved another step closer to joining an elite group of companies with market valuations of at least $1 trillion The stock jumped as much as 1.8% to touch a high of $910 before closing at 909.68 That drove the Elon Musk led automaker to briefly overtake the valuation of Facebook Charlie pellet Bloomberg radio Gas prices in the U.S. are higher than they have been in 7 years and they are more than a dollar more than they were a year ago Gas buddy analyst Patrick dehan says Cole and gastro abroad are driving oil prices up to Hans says the usual autumn dip in gas prices might not be coming this year Maybe at least several weeks if not months before we see any relief and that's because this energy crunch overseas looks to get worse before it gets any better Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm Susanna Palmer This is Bloomberg You're listening to balance and power with David Weston on Bloomberg radio Terry mcauliffe.

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