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I think there's probably a connection well. I would. I would. Have to be but one thing I noticed my. Whatever's going on in my Mellon my blood, pressure's low, and I got him in a temper problem, and so when I. my anger spikes out my blood. Pressure rises I get a Migraine the next day, the real connected brain damage temper. Well I started working on meditation like I've really. Old I've really helped in my shooting. Because I can really focus out, you know I can get community. Where does it sounds right? Become one with yourself right trying so? Try and keep my blood pressure low. Well I think with TRT. My blood second up some. From when when I wasn't taking, my blood was super thin. Maybe that's. Say thickened like. More red blood cells. What does it say thickened? This has no scientific nothing when they take my blood every three months when they first took my blood. RAN like water. When they took it the next time they were like. Hey, your blood, stick and up whatever that is where county I don't know like your blood is thicker, it is not is not as thin runny. It was more and I'm like it's my blood. Pressure up. There said well. It's normal now for everybody listening welcome to another episode of to Morons talking about. That I told the lady that I work with, and she basically said the same thing. She's like well. We'll take credit for it although I. Don't know that is any scientific weight on the subject, but the moment I started taking us. Testosterone increases the chance of clot formation, two ways a common side effect, testosterone therapy is, and we go with the words Poly Tham me. which increases the body supply of Hemoglobin and Hema Cra- him. Adequate affecting the blood cells. This can increase the blood pressure and thicken the blood. Slightly they go see. I'm not full of Shit Laurie one. Hundred percent truthful so's. Whether, that has to do with it. That's just a redneck. We awaiting saying I don't get migraines anymore, and that could be why whatever the actual scientific reason it's. My blood is definitely thicker and my blood pressure is normal. One of the things that happens also the people that have had a bunch of head injuries is your endocrine system doesn't function properly. Glands that produce hormones correctly, and it makes people depressed. Gotcha makes you very lackadaisical authority. It's very difficult to get motivated for things and they find that with football players, particularly soldiers a lot of soldiers. That are treated by. My friend Dr, Mark, Gordon, he runs this traumatic brain institute and the whole goal of this. Was Essentially to try initially try to figure out why these soldiers football players martial artists, and all these people were experiencing some depression. What was going on and it turned out that menu? Glenn is really sensitive. Yeah! Endocrine system just get really fucked up by even jets king well luckily like they would have a my blood tested every three months i. don't go to the doctor. I'm bad about that, and so that was like the first time I had. Physical basically and so. A couple of decades. Yeah, I don't. I got pneumonia once, and I went to the doctor for that almost died. I was too stupid to you know. How a man or woman, whatever how certain individuals brain works is stupid, looking back at it. I thought I had allergies or something and I'm like Hey! Let's go do cardio work this out of my system I work my ass right into the hospital, doubling the Monja and Trying to push, yeah, oh, yeah, pushed my way right in almost death led me when I was nineteen. It was rough will I took me like six months to get back on Iraq, but the lady was super. Nice I remember going in and she's like. Hey, who's your doctor? I'm like I. Don't I don't have a doctor and she's like we have Kaiser. Insurance I'm like. If I have a doctor I haven't seen him. I'm like you tell me doctor because I don't know you know. 'cause they assign you know one of those. Responsible People. Knocked negative I'm horrible I'm like the worst filter known a man. It's bad and so she gave me the x Ray. Double Pneumonia adulting is hard. It is you know people give me you know each suck at anything. Photography shooting I'm like yeah, I'm I'm fucking horrible. adulting. I didn't find my taxes for four years downfalls Oh. Don't take care of now. It's when I have people at work that come up with an issue, and they're kind of embarrassed like look, there's nothing you fucked up that I haven't do not be embarrassed. I can help you Focused on so many other things things like that. Just get pushed away. So you find that because of all the time you spend the woods that it's kind of difficult to concentrate on all that silly ship because. It's when you're out in that primal environment you know like. There's something about it that makes all that other stuff seem meaningless. Don't wanNA focus on it. In Yeah because I live in a society where it's important, and I'm not good at and Toro by talk about all the time at work I mean. I hire people really smart around me. Because I'm just not. We could be sitting in a meeting. I shouldn't even say this out loud, which is an extremely important meeting and I'm sitting here. Thinking what my gear list is, and how much my caloric intake will be on a five-day backpack hunt. Normal though you're spending fifty percent of your time, literally sleeping under the stars, let's. We'll get done with a meeting of my. Who took notes? But I am now have gotten better. Just telling people ahead of time like hey, you're gonna, talk with me. We're going to do our initial bullshit session. You'RE NOT GONNA want to deal with me after this me down I'm too busy. You're going to do with frank or or honors or whoever that works for me your deal with him. Don't expect me to come through because my mind's on too much other stuff and I've had to get a lot better at that because I just don't function well on stuff like that. The one of the reasons why the company so good and you guys make such good backpacks is because. There's there's real like it's hard to. Put it down in the real world. You know it's not like accounting or bookkeeping and like. Oh. We have to do the work here, but doing the work of actually sleeping under the stars, actually camping, actually hunting and hiking. That's there's that's invaluable man. There's been a few heated arguments over that where they've given me crap about paperwork and I'm like. Oh! You know totally get it I'm going to get better paperwork, but sure ashes coming with me on a ten day backpack hunt, and you're not fucking slacken, and you're getting water and your building fires and your spot in animals. And when we get done with that if you're good at that as I, am then I'm going to get better at paperwork, but until that fucking day right now. What we're good at is making bad. Ask you for the back country. That's why I hired. You gotTA. Work Together, right? You've got to be able to do that and they've got to be able to do this. Shit that you can't do yeah, and we're. We have a tight knit group now, which is great like we have? Everybody knows their role, and we're all supportive of each other, and but there's times where. I got to kind of stop and really take like Gut. Check where I'm like man I have so. Focused my life on living, and not dying like like hunting, and and staying alive to where..

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