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Accurate and dependable weather forecast will be partly cloudy and warm this evening and overnight slowly falling through 60s a mild start to the day monday or be down to sixty one degrees and then partly cloudy and close the eighty tomorrow afternoon for tuesday partly to mostly cloudy some scattered showers you rain chance a 30 percent tuesday low sixty three high 75 rain likely on wednesday and turning cooler wsb stormtracker radar is all clear in atlanta right now sixty nine degrees on peace three street at 536 with news on the hour the half and when it breaks i'm jennifer as news 955 and am 750 wsb depend on it we now go back to cnn for coverage of the mass shooting in texas as church here is the latest information at all start at around eleven thirty this morning local time when a witness reported hearing about twenty shots fired in quick succession it was in the middle of sunday service fat the first baptist church in sutherland springs texas that's southeast of san antonio about thirty miles are so we are told the gunman died after a brief case we don't know if he was killed by police or if he took his own life a lot of unanswered questions right now we don't know if he was a member of the community we don't know why he may have done this we do know for sure as a small texas town has witnessed an unspeakable tragedy that has left countless families without their loved ones tonight we know at least one of the victims just fourteen years old a short time ago president trump offered his support from abroad tweeting this may god be with the people of sutherland spring texas the fbi and law enforcement are on the scene i am monitoring the situation from japan we do expect the president to make remarks later this evening and we are also anticipating a news conference with texas officials any moment now we will bring that you just as soon as it happens now earlier my colleague fredricka whitfield's spoke with a witness in sutherland springs who heard that shocking gunshots ringing out inside the tragic church shooting and carry materialize her name she works as a clerk at a convenience store near first baptist church listened to her store.

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