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Scattered. We Love Michael Oppenheimer we get requests for Michael Oppenheimer Phone Tap. Crushes on done all right. What the email say today scary dear morning show? My parents ordered these knives from TV infomercial. Ever since they've been receiving phone calls from telemarketers almost everyday trying to sell them every type of junk imaginable. Well as you can imagine. My parents are not happy about these calls. Don't you think it's time for Michael Oppenheimer to give them a call? This comes from Miami. All right scary. Plays the part of Mr Michael Oppenheimer the annoying relentless telephone telemarketer. Let's listen as Naomi. Phone taps her mom and dad with Michael Oppenheim row. Yes can after this. Is Mr Michael Oppenheimer with either these nominees and we have a wonderful product for you to try this afternoon. Called Hera gummy. How are you doing today? Miss? Actually actually you must have the wrong person to you for calling and please don't call again. Hello this is Mr Michael Oppenheimer with naughty that Sir in Japan the art of folding papers called Origami high recently. You ordered knives from TV. I think you're okay sir. Okay for you to do is not call this number again. Okay you're you S. once already now I am telling you a second time there. Better not be a third time. You understand what I'm saying sir. Not Call me again. If you could let me finish you call me Sir. I Tommy is fast easy and comfortable very much. Please do not call this number again. Plus you understand they serve. We'll give you this. Snap election scrunchy talking. I do not want to buy anything. I do not want anything for free and you can tell them whatever they may be. I'm not interested. Thank yous Mary. Marching Scorn Sean has gathered fabric used for creating new ponytail styles. Hello CAN'T GONNA keep calling this number. If you act now will also throw in the Turbie. Twist are you familiar with the of it and I'm not interested in anymore We have the thirty page clamor. Guide your name Michael. Michael What Oppenheimer okay. Thank you Mr Oppenheimer. And we're not interested fun for the children were actually filing a harassment claim. That's why I have you on the phone so that your line can be tapped into so you can keep if you like twist their hair into all kinds of bendable shapes thank you. I am on the website and I see everything. Thank you have a Nice Day? Hello Mr Michael Oppenheimer with a ninety cent in Japan. The Art of folding papers called what part of we're not interested? Do you not understand. I like to give you something for free at this time. I don't want anything for free. I don't want anything for free. I don't WanNa pay for anything. What took you understand that not interested. I Have Arash chargers. Ready being brought up on you twist is over five times as absorbed. Tell I don't care about anything that you're saying you're doing nothing but harassing me. Not only that but I'm phone tapping you. It's scary Jones Melba Serandon the morning phone tapped. You know what? She's insert that when she comes home from the gym. I have the police.

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