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So of course we follow with the anc he's with the nine one win over the red stockings and we were talking with the michael pawn neda and yes he had the rough outing in canada a couple of days ago turns that iran around of very nef the seven earnings and the foreheads and of course the one on earned run and that was because of the hadley error everybody knows from now and again david price one thousand one old making only his third starred and so he's got to get himself back to you bay banda get himself into game shaved the yankees usually a you know it's six one dozen of the other now if you take a look at brice overall and he's now what does that fourteen and i think twelve or fourteen and thirteen in his career against the yankees and of course by his first outing when he broke into the big leagues was against the yankees and of course with the junior and of number three thousand at the ballpark and so we know from david price who was not on his game tonight and for the most part even though he has a slight winning record against the new york yankees his er ray against the anc he's it says the yankees kid here him even if he does a beat them on occasion as he has done and his career it's about four fifty five an actually a little bit higher right now so there's david prize mnet by the way that bottom of the third top of the fourth ending took forty one minutes you know nfl like you're going through the month of june by by the fourth of july and facing the labor day weekend coming up i mean it seemed like you had celebrated to day's ring the bottom listen if you're a yankee fan procure if you're abate this is why you want to speed up the game i have a really is david dow brice since fault because it was the one thousand one one thousand two i have a solution how you can go about speeding up david price cattle prods so there was price sees the loser banana the winner now and of course the base of the game not anything like we saw twenty four hours ago with the nba finals in game three we'll get to that momentarily the sanchis with his five rbi eyes and gardener with the rbi base.

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