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Ending a singular sound defines our moments a constant signal WTO P news one O 3.5 FM will never miss a moment Good morning and happy last Wednesday of the year at two 28 Traffic at weather on the 8th to bob imler in the WTO P traffic center We'll be alert in woodbridge southbound on 95 getting onto the ramp to go north on one 23 There was some sort of an incident going on there Traffic is starting to come to a stop on that ramp and we do have responders heading in that direction as well So maybe we have a crash on the ramp from southbound 95 on to northbound one 23 X at one 60 in woodbridge so Baylor as you're trying to extra traffic is in fact stopping now on that ramp on the main line of 95 itself the travel lanes are open and running well Things are generally clear on 66 in both directions It's not a whole lot going on there and in fact it's pretty quiet Georgetown pike is still closed because of the earlier crash There were some utility work going on so in Great Falls you're diverted between walker road and Lee mill road Around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia pretty quiet ride though Things are generally good to go on 95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway between the beltways 50 out of the bay bridge with light traffic and without the layout two 70 between the beltway and interstate 70 Get your nest HVAC mechanical refrigeration or process piping job done on time or on and on or under budget with the steam fitters of local 6 O two contact them at steam fitters 6 O two dot org bob imola WT traffic Thank you bob Now this term team four meteorologists Samara Theodore and your four day forecast Well it has been a cloudy week and that pattern just is gonna continue to roll on As we.

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